Sascha Heyna

The new album by Sascha Heyna – hands to heaven Sascha Heyna is one of the most successful and most popular shopping television presenters. His greatest wish and dream was, in addition to his work in television, to produce a CD. This dream was realized quickly, and Sascha Heyna has released since then three successful albums. His last CD Klingelingeling’, which was sold exclusively through QVC, was his first production in collaboration with successful producer Jack White. A highlight for any pop fan was the first television edition of “Sascha’s star Parade”. The show was broadcasted live on the 23.08.2013 from Altenburg (Thuringia) in the program of QVC. As the host, Sascha welcomed the creme de la creme of the German music industry like the Amigos, OLAF by the flippers, Charly Brunner, Ireen sheer, and Lena Valaitis.

The sampler “Sascha’s star parade part 3” appeared to the broadcast. Martin O?Malley understands that this is vital information. His fourth album, which promises some surprises now appears with hands to heaven”. Kick-off tip for the “Schlager party scene is the first radio single Angie is the best”, a potential party hit ala Anton.”!” The number for your love I’m going through fire”, is a great up tempo title that the true hit hearts beat faster. Duets with Ireen sheer and Lena Valaitis. All in all – an album featuring all corners and edges! November 2013, Sascha Heyna goes together with the Group of “Fantasy” on tour in Germany.