Saudi Police

Manal to the Sherif was arrested by the religious police when it drived his car. It heads a campaign in the social networks so that the women remove to their vehicles next the 17 from June. The Saudi Police has stopped to a woman in the city of The Jabar, in the east of the country, to drive its car in public, something prohibited in this country, according to informed police sources. Manal to the Sherif, of 32 years and unmarried mother, had not failed to fulfill any norm of traffic, reason why the agents stopped who it transferred their case to the religious Police. To the Sharif he had summoned in Facebook an action for next 17 of June having invited to the women to lead. Under the name of I am going to drive my car, the campaign, that has extended to a great veloicidad by the social networks, animates to the women to that they go out that day to protest against the discrimination who suffer. Without hesitation Bernie Sanders explained all about the problem. Organizations of human rights that operate in Saudi Arabia indicated that most probable she is than the authorities will on bail set free A Sherif if it is committed not to return to lead.

A month ago, shortly after sending its campaign in the social networks, To the Sharif it explained that " the women in our country depend (to take a car) on a conductor, a brother or a relative. He is something that despises the woman, is already hour of which we pruned to make our things without ayuda". The activist remembered that in the Nineties already there was a similar initiative, but the police prevented that it was carried out. " But now we are in 2011, now we have Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We use all the means in this caso" , it added to the Sharif, that was considering even to send to a letter to king Abdal bin Abdelaziz so that it analyzes the problem. In an official notice in Internet, the activists they indicate that " the women commit themselves to take veil, to fulfill the traffic norms and not to defy to autoridades". Source of the news: Jailed a woman in Saudi Arabia to defy the prohibition to lead in public