Serafin Castellano


It seems clear that the alleged dialogue between Jorge Alarte and Paco Camps to combat the economic crisis is little more than a feint to the gallery. The two political leaders have so fierce inquina that none of them is able to give even a modest water well to each other. However, while the confrontation remains installed in our public life at the highest level, the conseller Serafin Castellano, the solo comes giving a recital of concertation policy with his adversaries in a wide range of issues, from the law of fire up to pilot it Valencian, passing through coastal “Chiringuitos” or the custody of children in case of divorce. This last topic agreed last week in Las Corts with Deputy of Compromis Monica Oltra and led this group, Enric Morera, spokesman to satirize in private: Seraphim is able to eat the political space to the nationalists. The hint, upon learning of the sentence, then explained: I am not nationalist; what I am is autonomist. The truth is that the regional Minister of Gobernacion covers very well that ideological spectrum that has been orphaned after the sinking of Unio Valenciana and the runaway Garcia Sentandreu extremism. Why, precisely, Castellano was the maximum impeller of the reform of the Statute (d) autonomy of 2006 for shielding the Community financing in proportion to the actual number of its inhabitants as well. Tomorrow will present the project in Las Corts, where it already has what has been agreed with the Socialists and all security will approve it the month that comes before the end of the current legislature.

The case of the Statute is one of this capacity for dialogue and compromise of a politician who has served with equal loyalty to the regional Governments of Eduardo Zaplana and Francisco Camps. The latest agreement with the Ministry of Rosa Aguilar has been disable poisoned conflict of beach “Chiringuitos”, to get the moratorium of one year in the installation of the terraces and foresee a possible modification of the coastal Act. With two or three consellers more Serafin Castellano type tells me an expert familiar with the intricacies of the Consell you would to the Government action, monopolized in excess by Paco Camps. According to that analysis, have failed the President consellers regarded in his day as luminaries of his Cabinet. It has been the case Gonzalez Pons, and in another measure, the former rector Justo Nieto, who would be the economic modernizer from your regional Department of enterprise, universities and science and came to nothing. Interestingly follow the expert, which would have brought the chestnuts from the fire to the President have been the consellers who put in considered minor portfolios: Rafa Blasco and Serafin. The first has become the authentic ideologue of the Government and scourge of their opponents, and the second in the Blazers of the unique political agreements reached by the Consell.