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Employment agency confirms: despite January decision no retroactive reimbursement in the PKV Rostock, June 28, 2011. In January of this year, there was finally a judgment, which made clarity: the contributions of privately insured ALG II recipients fully apply as far as the good news. The bad news: The ruling retroactively applies. The differential amounts paid up to January of large number of Hartz IV recipients or accumulated even as debts are non-refundable, therefore, many sit on the cost. That was confirmed according to the consumer portal 1a-krankenversicherung.de now again by the Central Office of the federal employment agency in Nuremberg.

Only for insured persons, if necessary, who put in opposition to their fee notices prior to the judgment, there is hope. Click Ultra Wellness Center to learn more. The background: Until the ruling of the Bundessozialgericht early 2011 only the maximum amount was assured no matter whether statutory or private 131 euros for ALG II recipients taken. The problem: Privately insured may change since 2009 in respect of ALG II no longer readily in the statutory health insurance. Contributions, sometimes twice as high as the 131 euro adopted by the Office, had to continue to be paid in full by the Hartz IV recipients. Thus was born a sensitive shortfall, which was often between 100 and 150 euros a month and forced many insured to an accumulation of debt.

Us was to understand unequivocally by the Central Office of the federal employment agency in Nuremberg given that retroactively no refunds of contributions are expected in terms of scarce funds on the part of the performers. For the employment agency alone, the date of the judgment is crucial in January”, says the Managing Director Frank cash Connor from the consumer portal 1A health insurance. Money racket admits odds on a refund only the Privatversicherten, as a precaution have filed opposition at the job or the job Center even before the judgment. Because every opposition is ultimately a Case by case assessment, this process will take but still some weeks. More information about private health insurance for the unemployed ../arbeitslosigkeit about 1A health 1A health insurance is an independent consumer portal and deals with the issues of health and health insurance. The services include daily news and generally comprehensible prepared consumer information. Visitors have, also with a non-binding and free comparison, you can find the appropriate statutory or private health insurance. Consumers will also find compact information, including current judgments, studies, or advisor to the social security system.