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Network Business

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There are many people talking badly about the MLM. In my experience these people do not speak well of this business model for several reasons: fear of changes. There are people who fear the changes, engage in a business system other than what they know and are accustomed, it involves changes and these, from his perspective, surely involves some risk that are not willing to take. A bad experience with any MLM-based company. Here what failed was not the business system, but its sponsor that probably failed to teach you the fundamentals of the business (it is likely that he either had them clear) or simply ran into a person with no professional ethics.

Just as in traditional businesses, there are people without scruples and ethics in the MLM. He found a pyramid system. People often confuse a pyramidal system with an MLM. No, they’re not the same thing. A pyramidal system is totally illegal. The pyramidal system is based on providing products or services at a price below its market value, or free, with the condition of getting new business customers, who have just formed a pyramid. Basically, the last arriving pays benefits from the first.

Comes a point where the pyramid stops growing and the business collapses. Usually in pyramidal systems requires dealer pay high costs of income to the company. By ignorance. Unfortunately there are people who do not bother to check or compare the information they receive from a source: a friend, a relative, a comment or article in the network, etc. They hear an opinion or even a rumor and already take it for granted that it is true. A coin always has two faces. If we want to have some success in life we must have a certain ability of discernment and eagerness to learn, and go beyond what a person or group of them say (whether good or bad).