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Model is summarized as follows: a) experience the activity – new techniques, b) sharing activity – describing, c) processing activity – identify common themes, d) generalize the experience – training principles and guidelines for living situations real e) apply what they have learned to another situation. Although these models can guide the learning process, starting from the basis that the behavior must improve or enhance previously been identified. Another useful model to learn a new technique or ability in a situation of coaching is to identify the elements in the specific behavior to improve or enhance, the same five steps:

1) recognize that the current way of doing things is inadequate 2) identify the behaviors involved in the new technique or ability, 3) engaging in these behaviors, 4) identify and provide feedback on personal performance and 5) integrate the behaviors in the repertoire of skills and capabilities. Zeus and Skiffington (2002) have presented a model called model learning model for tutors, structured in seven steps: Step 1: Recognize and specify the behavior to improve or enhance. Step 2: Determine the methods and the learning style preferred by the Ward. Step 3 analyze the obstacles to learning. Step 4: Understand and develop strategies for implementing new behaviors and techniques.

Step 5: Practice the new behaviors and techniques. Step 6: Find and provide feedback on performance, and 7th step: generalize and transfer learning to other situations. Some authors suggest that in addition to the learning models presented above, human beings also have preferred learning styles.