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Personnel Costs Minimize

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Cost-conscious professionals hold and to gain more and more shifting without excessive burden of the personal budget the balance between supply and demand on the labour market in favour of workers. HR managers see here often only one solution, to win at all suitably qualified personnel, as well as service providers for themselves: the payment of higher starting salaries. Yvonne Wolf shows that this is not the only way out of the dilemma, in her article in HR Magazine. They called several solution possibilities and gives numerous examples of how intangible incentives service providers recruited largely cost-neutral and can be bound to the company. Alternatives to high entry-level salaries straight young successful professionals and executives who can choose the employer, are rather a pleasant work climate. You put emphasis on design and on the promotion of their professional and personal development through the company. More and more companies have Importance of these intangible criteria when choosing a site recognized by the applicant.

Rather than press permanently high personnel costs, investing better in a business marked by appreciation and management culture, as well as in other intangible measures of employment branding and employee retention. Corporate culture and profit-sharing this provides both the employer and the employees benefits: because workers who feel comfortable and learn appreciation, like to work at your company. This has positive effects on employee engagement, which ultimately the employer greatly benefited from. Involved in maintaining and increasing the motivation in the eye who financially employees to which of them successes, for example, through a performance-related variable remuneration in the form of a bonus payment generate. More possibilities, without extreme load of the personnel budget to recruit new employees, and to bind the company found in the article by Yvonne Wolf, to free download to the Available. Links:-the article “personnel costs” to download: wiog.de/fachartikel-2/ – more information about shortage overcome: mitarbeiterbindung.info/gute-leute-im-unternehmen-halten/ – checklists and resources on the topic of “Bind staff and reduce turnover”: io-business.de/checklisten-personal-management-fuehrung-finanzen-controlling/mitarbeiterbindung-fluktuation-senken/ competence center representative binding a project of I.O. BUSINESS consulting