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Network Marketing

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The multilevel Marketing (marketing, networking, network marketing, MLM, MLM marketing) is a business model that many corporations are applying today in day. Traditional companies had a Constitution much more complicated and expensive to bring your product to the consumer. In the multilevel a person is associated with an as an independent company through a compensation plan for the work of recommending your product or service and that this be taken by such persons. In addition, not only WINS that currently sino who also gains on sales made by all those who subsequently included in his team. This often confuses people with a pyramid scheme that is only a string of payments where a few benefiting at the expense of many. In a multilevel type organization, a person is associated with the company and can at the same time associating others receiving commissions by their direct sales and that its partners do or indirect. At the same time your partner can associate with one and this at the same time to another and so on. The MLM or Network Marketing is a way to more than marketing of goods and services and relies on learning your and teach others to learn, and in turn teach it to others.

The result is that with time and work is being created an organization of people who are doing what you have taught. This way it gets into operation one of the keys of the MLM duplication. Replication allows you do not have to sell a large amount of product to obtain great benefits but that many people are moving small amounts of product. In this way and according to the plan of Marketing or compensation from the company, each person is gaining small commissions of all persons who will be teaching. The sensitivity of the multilevel is that one never comes to be assured of the seriousness that reigns behind its promoters.

Internet Secret

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Although our objective is that, our way to arrive at that the client buys to us, is when we demonstrated to him that we wished to help them to overcome a problem or to satisfy a desire him. The majority of the people in Internet is sailing by two main reasons, information and communication. The Internet secret is to obtain that They look for to You For Comprarte and not to leave your a to try to sell. Internet is a cold market In Internet the gestures, the voice and the expresividad of the salesman are very annotated. Although is cold the relation in contrast we have many to take care of at the same time. It is verified that of the 100% of the companies that begin 80% closes before the 5 years and 80% of rest 20% close to the 5 following years. (Similarly see: Martin O?Malley). The reason of because they close is for want of clients that is lacking of sales.

Therefore before sending a product to the market we must analyze the potential of clients exhaustive. The majority makes the opposite. They send the product and later they verify if they are sold, and they implement strategies to convince the people. Making a metaphor, the logical one is to find the well of hungry fish and to send the network to capture the greater amount of fish there. If one identifies the first niche of market that is looking for or that they have a necessity, then we will be assured successful.

It identifies a Necessity and Soon It creates the Solution When one analyzes the market previously the content is far better, the title of the product, the dominion to promote it, the format that you use, etc. Also the price is important because not always the low cost he will be better to sell. Sometimes a price is better than you can determine it of the previous analysis. For example we could determine if our niche would be directed but to the women who to the men. Then if but interested they are the women, perhaps the format with pink bottom would be far better that celestial. As well as this superficial aspect aid on sale, many important others but we could discover.