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The Sarong

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The sarong is a large cloth that is used primarily in the Asian and African region as a garment. He is on the widespread and well known throughout the world in different countries under different terms. Take him to call the residents of the Southeast Asian countries Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia, Surong ', during which he visited India, the term, Sri' is known. The population of the South Pacific Islands Tahiti and Hawaii, use the word, Pareo 'when they talk of a sarong. Women often wear it as a dress, with a sarong is here, wrapped with a particular winding, around the body.

Men like to use him as a rock. The sarongs (also known as wrap skirt described above) is wrapped around the waist and also wrapped and tied at the hip. The material often consists of bright colors and expressive motives, such as animals or Celtic characters that are printed on the cloth. Of course there are sarongs without motive. Cotton is used mostly as material from which the material for the sarong is made. But even silk or for the production of rayon wrap skirts is taken.

In Indonesia, batik is '(javan., mbatik' = write with wax) in the production of sarongs particularly popular. This batik was there so specialized that one can almost speak of the fine art of batik. Patterns and ornaments are painted by hand with liquid hot wax on the fabric. When dyeing the fabric's original color remains among the institutions that have been decorated with the wax intact. So then created the beautiful motifs, known to us from Bali. The pareo is used in many ways: eg as a beach towel, baby sling for babies, fashion accessory (such as a scarf) or as a wall hanging. The fantasy is in the use of this fabric is no limit.