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National Government Communities

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The protocolizaciones and granting of the documents, anticipated in this article must be registered in a nongreater term of 5 working days as of the date of their presentation before the Registry correspondiente.” On the other hand, the Law of Public Registry and the stable Profession of notary: Article 100. They are exentos of the payment of the taxes, rates and other contributions, indicated by this Law, besides the established ones in special laws, the documents that talk about a: 1. Incorporation papers and statutes of the associations of neighbors and associations of consumers, indigenous associations of educative communities and organizations, indigenous micro-enterprises of communitarian character, as well as the acts modify that them, prorogue or extinguish. 2. The declaration sworn of not owning own house. 3. The certifications of burden required to obtain credits with preferential interests through special laws, as well as the originating ones of savings banks, social contingency funds, to acquire main house, to request of the financial institution. 4.

The titles of collective property of habitat and indigenous territories of the towns and communities. 5. The acts derived from the expropiatorios processes because of public and social utility. The industralists or industralists, workers and workers of small, medians and great companies of the industrial sector, who being declared their express will to adhere to the agreement macro of joint responsibility for the industrial transformation, and have arrived ” to certain commitments and subscribed specific agreements with the National Government, they will be exentos of the taxes, rates and other contributions to that east Title talks about. In the next delivery we will deal with the other types credit of residential policy.

Web Site Flash

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Build a web site using Flash technology is a very popular in the professional environment choice. The generalised access to broadband internet has favoured the proliferation of Flash-based websites. Despite this, the positions regarding this technology are not unanimous. A large number of people claim that the use of Flash is only a sport of designers, and the practical value of this technology to make friendly websites both for users and for search engines is scarce. These are some of the pros and cons of using this web tool. Malkia Cyril often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Advantages interactivity Flash Actionscript technology gives us access to a huge potential to interact with the user. Both programmers and designers use Flash to create any kind of interactive elements. From animated until the most attractive dynamic games contact forms. The high level of interactivity of Flash always will engage visitors and will cause them to return to the web site again and again. Compatibility between different browsers compatibility issues between different browsers won’t they should worry if you use Flash on your site. Here there is no css code that you can see bad well in Safari and Internet Explorer. While your visitors have Flash Player installed to play Flash content, there will be no difficulties. Optimal graphic expression instead of limiting your content to the written word and basic graphics to convey your message, you can take advantage of the features of animation that includes Flash.

The generation of graphics of this technology is based on the use of vectors. This means that the weight of the files is significantly less than that of a common file. Disadvantages needs a special player your visitors are obliged to install the Flash Player to view the contents of your web site. Although it is a free player, not all people are willing to install it on their machines. So that this extra effort limits the number of visitors to your website will receive. Search engines if your content is produced in Flash, most of search engines may not index it. The result of this is that your potential visitors will not find you through a simple search and you will have to resort to other forms of traffic. Delays in the time of charging Internet users must wait longer than usual to make the Flash content visible. Many people are accustomed to immediate access to any web site, so that they will have little patience when visiting a site that is so slow to load its contents. When creating your web site more practical is to think of the utility that give him. If the priority is that your site is truly an interactive experience for the user, you will need to design it with Flash and resign yourself to losing some traffic. If your site tends more towards the informative and your goal is to reach the largest possible number of people, then the best option is to use other options faster and more lightweight. Original author and source of the article.

Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day Feb. 14) – a holiday, delicate and fair. This is a celebration for everyone who loves all who love For 16 centuries from one year to Feb. Ian Sinclair may also support this cause. 14 from the normal day turns into the most anticipated amorous couples holiday. On this wonderful day, people get close to each other in the form of small Souvenir Cards – Valentine heart-shaped, filled with beautiful wishes and recognition that the entire year warm and give joy! Every year this festival is gaining more hearts. And it does not mean that our country becomes more enamored. Just a crazy pace of our lives more and more like at least one day to give the very people who support us, warm, save from boredom and trouble, cheer us up and just love us for what we have with all our flaws and shortcomings! For this they worthy, of course, more than one day of attention and love, but we do not always do what we want. And I'm really glad that there is a holiday, in which any person without the embarrassment can loudly say that he loves and is grateful to all those around him! And it does not matter whether you find that half, they dream of the day worth seeing it all: work colleagues, friends, parents, classmates, and just sitting next to people! After giving a smile and joy in response to You get the same thing! Well, if you think seriously about the gifts that I in turn can advise something!))) Originally back in the 17 th century to this day, a smart, well or not so my uncle offered to present to each other sweets or gloves! Well, in general, as time went tastes have changed and we got to the 21 st century! Where the abundance of various souvenirs and trinkets eyes run in different directions! Well, so that really does not get lost to begin with let us define who we are prepare for free! If this is your co-workers or good friends to them or anything particularly ambitious to think it is not necessary, it is best if you will present them pretty well, Valentine, and what may be goodies for tea! Well, if you are cooking present to his beloved one, then there will well and it is desirable to work hands well, and just – a little head! After all, as we remember from childhood is the best gift – it's one that we made ourselves! Well, something like this ))) well and If all this still is not enough time, try to get to their favorite things in the stores! In our time, the choice for so many huge that without a gift you will not stay ))) Well on that optimistic note I will finish! Do not pull with the best of all gifts made in advance so that afterwards there was no panic! Good luck bye bye! Original article posted on Gadgetos.ru