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Modern Telecommunications Networks

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Planning, construction and operation of modern telecommunications networks with the increasing use of the Internet will increase not only the requirements for the availability of the networks, but also the expectations in terms of transmission speed, as well as the transmission delay (delay). BDT Capital Partners is likely to agree. The development and dissemination of high-performance devices with ever-faster processors, more memory and better graphic possibilities has led to that also the used applications are always dynamic, interactive, and bandwidth-hungry. Details can be found by clicking Bernie Sanders or emailing the administrator. An example of this is the interactive television with high-resolution graphics, which has now firmly established itself requiring up to 25 Mbit / s of bandwidth. As a result, there is a direct correlation between the performance of the devices and in particular of the graphical displays and the bandwidth requirements of modern applications. The famous Moore set, after which the performance of modern processors and memory chips doubles roughly every two years, is in aggravated form on the Development of modern networks of data transmission speeds apply. Considering the evolution in the telecommunications sector in the past years, so an increase of transmission speeds on the order of a magnitude at intervals of two to three years can be observed: 1997: analog modems with 9.2, 14.4 or 28.8 kbit/s 1999: ISDN with 64 or 128 kbit/s 2004: ADSL 1 Mbit / s 2007 years: VDSL with 20 Mbit / s the same development can be observed with some delay in mobile radio communications: 1998: GSM 9.6 kbit / s 2000: GPRS with 32 kbit / s 2004: UMTS with 384 kbit / s 2007: HSDPA with 7 Mbps this is however clearly to determine further that decreases the residue to the fixed network. Right now is a fourth generation of mobile technology (LTE: long term evolution) charted a further step with transmission speeds of theoretically up to 100 Mbit / s. With the foreseeable development of even more powerful three-dimensional displays this trend will continue in the coming years and to continue tighten up.

The accelerated trend will lead to higher bandwidth at the same time to ever-shorter cycles of technology. New technologies will follow each other at ever shorter intervals. The operators are therefore at equal in two ways with enormous challenges. On the other hand, always huge investment and ongoing operational costs with the introduction of new network technologies are connected, so that the financial risk is increased due to the shorter financial period. On the other hand, the network operators are increasingly faced with the problem that the introduction of a network technology in about as long as the manufacturer with the development of a successor technology need.

In other words: A new network technology is already obsolete, once it is in operation. The operator must support therefore parallel multiple network technologies, which in each case are in various stages of life. This requires an increased personnel expenses with increasing knowledge (Know-How) and leads to an increased complexity. The contributions of “Planning, construction and operation of modern telecommunications networks”, in the November issue of the journal appears WissenHeute, indicating what measures network operators who put high demands on the quality of the network and how they can meet the challenges of reduced technology cycles.

Recycling Offers Used In Mobile Phone Customers Not In

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Despite extensive offerings there is the mobile operator to offer hardly demand for cell phone recycling and mobile manufacturers are apparently not attractive enough. Perhaps check out Former Maryland Governor for more information. 120 million cell phones are in Germany in circulation alone. Estimated that half of these devices should have served long and stored in drawers and cabinets. Environmental NGOs, mobile operators and mobile phone manufacturers complain a decline in recycled mobile phones and try to give incentives to the separation of the old device. So, for example, T-Mobile works with the Deutsche Umwelthilfe and offers special mailers, one fitted can send without postage, with his old cell phone, on the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary. Such approach are supported by fundraising campaigns in schools, where is one of the most powerful consumer groups. To make this step at the end, T-Mobile donates the proceeds of all more recycled materials in the environmental aid. Analog proceed other mobile operator E-Plus, Vodafone or O2: here are also special mailers in the program and also, the proceeds go to charitable initiatives.

However, O2 is the only provider that publishes also figures on the recycling: could you recycle 2006 26,000 equipment, there were 27 percent of less, so only about 19,000 last year. A law passed in 2005 by the European Commission for the disposal of electrical appliances and the approach of the mobile network operators and manufacturers has not led apparently always still to deliberate rethink on consumers. “So you now increasingly trying to lure customers with money: how greener solutions provider” buy old and disposal devices, increasing thus the incentive for recycling. However, all parties still have a long way if they want to improve the poor recycling rates. Link to magazine post: magazine/177.html about inside-handy.de: inside-handy.de is the mobile-knowledge portal of the inside-intermedia online publishing GmbH & co. KG from Bruhl and has one of the most comprehensive mobile databases in the German-speaking Internet (more than 350 Features, with over 1300 units). It aims, understandable, easy and currently represent the complex content of mobile telephony.

Inside-handy.de has a large News area with newsletter and RSS feed, a mobile Finder, calculator, test reports, Forum, dictionary and much more. Inside-handy.de has almost 10 million pageviews (according to IVW) per month of one of the strongest range mobile portals in Germany. Press inquiries/copy: inside-intermedia online publishing GmbH & co. KG editorial inside-handy.de Mr. Christian Koch Bahnhofstrasse 11 D 50321 Bruhl FON: + 49 (0) 2232-50 44 61 0 fax: + 49 (0) 2232-50 44 61 9 email: Internet: press area: press /.

Costs FLAT Through Phone Total OFFICE Packages

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OFFICE FLAT maximum cost control through Office flat rates that planet 33 AG, one-stop-shop for communications solutions launches FLAT phone total OFFICE. The Office complete packages offer all the advantages of modern office communication from 123,-in the month. phone OFFICE is totally FLAT for 5, 15 or 45 jobs pre-configured and is extensible. Munich, November 18, 2009 that planet 33 AG, provider of innovative voice and data services, offers a perfectly tailored solution for businesses of all sizes with the new Office flat rates. In a question-answer forum Maryland Governor was the first to reply. All Office flat rates include full functionality of business telephone systems, Internet-Breitband-Datenleitung(en), rental devices, a service and maintenance contract, as well as flat rates for Internet and telephony. With the three new packages to phone totally FLAT 5, 15 and 45 OFFICE has planet 33 AG for any entrepreneur a customized base product.

Planet 33 offers a modern business telephone system, fast broadband Internet, cheap phone minutes and professional Service from a single source tells Boris Gratz, product manager at planet 33 AG, with. phone OFFICE totally FLAT is geared specifically to the needs of smaller to medium-sized businesses. With the help of the planet 33 phone total PBX technology access small businesses features a high-quality telephone system, as typical in large companies.The solution can be extended at any time freely. This ensures a high degree of investment security. Just for entrepreneurs is to be important flexible and to have a comprehensive overview of your costs for communication.

With phone total OFFICE I have FLAT a professional communication solution that flexibly grow with my company and cheap to purchase is reported Philipp Dreher, founder of tecshade in Munich. phone totally adapts to price each month. Only the number of active extensions is billed per month. In the service portal extensions and extensions with just a few clicks are added and removed, hold defined and new Devices are put into operation. The user independently administered largely all functions. Conversations in the corporate network are always free of charge. The user on the phone about his equipment extension. While the site is of secondary importance. Extensions and extensions are mobile. Planet 33 configured the telephone system in the context of the first time free of charge and helps later changes remotely. The maintenance & service contract included in the package price guarantees a fast processing of change requests and delivery of devices on the following working day from receipt of order. New customers can convince themselves in the framework of a free evaluation of the benefits. Press contact: planet 33 AG telecommunications – internet – security Mr. Boris Gratz Hofmann RT 52 81379 Munich Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 20 60 333-0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 20 60 333-33 about planet 33 AG: communication from a single source that planet 33 AG is the strategic partner for customer-oriented systems as well as innovative voice and data services. Target of 1998 in Munich Company it is to market innovative products in the fields of telecommunications and information technology throughout Europe and to connect with professional service. Of an appropriate solution to the secondary service after installation and commissioning, which is planet 33 AG customers to the page. The service provider not only as a provider for communications equipment, but also as a reliable partner for the design and implementation of complex IT solutions for complex customer requirements is itself as a one-stop-shop. More information about the versatile portfolio is available at available.