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Antonio Andrade

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The question is, there are many things on the tables and desks of the great leaders of this nation that may not occur when the luxury of exposing to public opinion, much less to the media and the best way to rid almost in its entirety of the usual informational leaks is sending to all those who do not have full confidencetheir homes and deny him entry to representatives of the media claiming fear of infection and finally, bootstrap has been said, to legislate behind closed doors. As I said at the beginning of the present, a few years ago made us look towards completely terrified of finding a monstrous flying entity it empty us the blood of the body, then a bird sneezed, they turned to the media and they turned to the birds in the protagonist of collective death, today, making of tripe hearts, they decry as delicious pigs and again make us flip up towards where they want to do without any complaint, that not the Lord fulano de tal, Member of the party surprised us if later a partisan superhero saves us all from the epidemic and then then expresses its gratitude to its main sponsor, coincidentally, nobody emits equis, with such government intentions. Hypothesis in this regard there are many, you suspect many more, what is certain is that at the end and far above our opinion, the surprises will not wait and only those who can cross out of a few will come out as always, with his. No more for the moment Achuuuusss! Antonio Andrade original author and source of the article..