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On January 1st 1995, my cousin was shot dead by a neighbor “aspirin” or “godmother” of the then still state judicial police in Baja California. We are almost in 2009 and it is time that the “justice” state does not arrest the culprit. My aunt who was troubled his son lying on the sidewalk outside her home and jets emerging as a shower of blood from your body, delivered to the neighboring police homicide data: full name and address. To top it off, I must say that the authorities knew very well since before the name, address and other personal data of human excrement that made the fatal shootings. I say high because these data were not used to arrest the killer. Chick Corea gathered all the information.

He was known. Perhaps because it was in their own ranks not caught. Other neighbors gave their testimonies about the facts: My cousin went to the front of where he lived to see their children play near the fence, there was some commotion after the end of the year wakefulness; presumed babes toys yet received a week ago, and the families exchanged impressions were heard shots fired into the air from the wreck who lived among them. My relative was struck by asking him to continue to refrain from detonating his weapon. I asked the children. The response received was a shock lead and an escape. Never again the cowardly and low-born assassin, nor for his family. With all it is a state administration resulting from an old party of opposition, the PAN, justice is not soon reached.