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International Journal

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Neuromarketing has been described as ' ' application of the methods of laboratory for neurology, the questions of advertising of mundo' ' (Thompson 2003). Recently, the International Journal of called Psychophysiology neuromarketing ' ' the application of the neurocincia methods to analyze and to understand the human behavior in relation to the markets and the commercialization of intercmbio' '. It’s believed that Edward C. Tolman sees a great future in this idea. In the truth, the improvements in neuroimagem technologies it will continue to make advances to the knowledge of as the people take marketing decisions and as they can influence the decisions. The use of a not invasive technology, the neuroimagem, functional magnetic resonance (FMRI) has tried a growth fast especially. It allows the investigators to isolate the systems of neurons associates with the functions of the brain. For example, when a person looks at for an announcement printed matter, the active light some of 125 million neural visual receivers, batons and cones, in each eye. These sinas in the nerve are what they concentrate the pupils and co-ordinate the ocular movements during the announcement. Other signals as rods and cones pass for staple fibres of the optic nerve, some of which pass crossed to the other side of the brain, so that the left half of the announcement is perceived by the right hemisphere of the brain and the right half, perceived for the left hemisphere.

The information is processed in form, color, space localization and as the signals pass through the lateral nucleus, in its way for assembly in the located visual cortex in the behind part of the brain. Memories unchained for an announcement are stored in all the cerebral cortex and remembered hipocampo through the stored localization in depth in each cerebral hemisphere, emotional memories and live deeply are processed by amgdala, another located nervous beam close to the base of each hemisphere. Using FMRI, researchers are capable to see the images of the neural activity associate with the vision, as well as with the cognitivo and affective functioning and the answers for the reaction of the propagandas.


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As if it knows, great part of the clientele who frequents the CAPS happens of low income families, and a treatment particular accompaniment would be impracticable for such patients. In the CAPS they possess diverse types of atendimentos, therefore she has professionals of the diverse areas what she facilitates the work. Therefore, the research that was carried through in the CAPS of You sprout with three individuals that are contented with the result that it comes getting in the treatment and the relation that comes having with the professionals and mainly with the psychologists who come giving the due support to it to the reinsero in the society, to understand the treatment, to help to the family with the accompaniment and mainly the support that this has that to give the user. One justifies that this boarding had a value for the question of these people capsizes to suffer with the exclusion and for the fact many not to accept that they are passing for one had upheaval, ace times, following them since infancy and for times not to answer to the treatment and professional accompaniment. Get all the facts and insights with Luke Bryan, another great source of information. Mainly when these professionals do not collaborate with the improvement of the patient, for example, many times maltreat or they do not give the due attention to these patients. 2MTODO 2,1 Citizens had been made half-structuralized interviews being more specific to a group of three individuals of the masculine sex, since at the first moment of contact with the patients these if found all congregated in the space of the CAPS and trying to be most objective in the process contribution of these three was asked for to be answering the questions of the questionnaire, where remain most of the day in the institution to be medicated and during this period they participate of some activities. 2,2 Instruments had been used for the collection of data two recorders, a MP3 and questionnaires. .


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Therefore, all that remains – this is to sit quietly and humbly carry his cross to the grave. A leading source for info: Ultra Wellness Center. Error 7. Search guilty about, here is where to turn! Find the guilty in an unsuccessful trajectory of his life is not easy, but very simple. Parents not inherited the genes of genius, and those who happen to have been transferred, mercilessly stomped school pipeline. My childhood was difficult, given cakes every day, and homework assignments – each.

By as bad influence of the street completely baffled's weak heart and accustomed to toss, guilt, and dominoes. In addition to all this happened in the country with the wrong treatment and inadequate rulers who no help in education did not have, and only put a spoke in the wheels of a young inquisitive mind. And, perhaps, a chance to break out in people, but it was stolen iezutski Freemasons – Freemasons, who finally put an end to all the joy of life and can only drink and swear, drink and swear at those who again raised the prices on vodka. Error 8. Who would have thought my problems are very comfortable taking off position of full responsibility for everything that is happening. – You know, I'm so bad remembering names and numbers that do not even remember what I had husbands. – I have had a topographical cretinism, which can never in my apartment to get to the bathroom on the first try, but because it was embarrassment. – Search for a job? What do you mean, I do not know how, and then, but I'll have to work all day? It's so weird.

– You I squint, it would be better included in my situation, I thin nature and do not like when I was loaded with all sorts of problems. So what, that this is my problem, well, you decide them somehow. Error 9. All goats in the lives of all failures are attributed to those people with whom a person is contacted. Therefore, when a goat-chief can not make a career, goats, subordinates do not understand, with goats, friends do not cook meals, and only women with goats, no cases it is better not to have. Therefore, such an advanced spiritual and very hard to live. After all, how to live when you – the enlightened one, and all around – the goats? Error 10. Life senseless and ruthless and, finally, you can catch the most ridiculous mistake. Sunuvshis right in the thick and singed wings, a person decides that life – that's a terrible thing and there is nothing to catch. Wherever you throw everywhere wedge. And what if live? That's what we say on-line training "Journey to Myself", details of which can be found here.

Lovely Women

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From childhood, most of you, dear women, get from their mothers, grandmothers, fathers and installation, to be real smart. You should eat well and listen to seniors – in early childhood. You should eat well, to clean up after a toy and listen to seniors – to kindergarten age. You should normally eat, clean up their belongings, study well and help a senior – at school age. You should get an education, get a job listen to the elders and help them – in a mature youth. And then, you have a good marriage and lead a decent life married ladies, faithfulness family hearth as a whole and mother to her husband in particular. So, what happens? You are told from childhood irrefutable, immutable dogma, which, on presentation of your relatives, you should follow blindly, without beginning to question under any circumstances. And if suddenly, some sheep, stands out from the flock and fighting off the maternal and paternal hands, she immediately labeled as to which lives an unhappy sheep, fiercely resisting and denying, adnate to the stigma of it.

For instance, if a girl does not find a mate and not will get a wedding ring to thirty-five years, she became the owner, unflattering title of 'old maid'. And any of your even the slightest disruption, would be regarded as sexual dissatisfaction, and with absolutely all, from your relatives and friends, and ending with her friends, colleagues and co-workers. And look at this unfortunate, as will be the 'blue stocking' or even worse, as a frigid bitch-old man-hater. Or vice versa.

Astrology Scorpio

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Scorpion Many extraterrestrial civilizations resurrection from the dead is an ordinary, routine medical procedure. Biotechnology level of development of these civilizations has allowed them to achieve practical immortality. They just change the old, worn-out body to the new, young, and soul, a God-given, remains the same. There is also a civilization where biomedical technology have allowed in one and the same body to achieve practical immortality. For even more details, read what Michael Chabon says on the issue. Body Representatives of these civilizations do not die.

A decision on the death of the body and the transition to another life representative of this civilization (or parallel universe) takes its own. On the basis of their ideological and philosophical principles. Do not strive for physical immortality, or other life (other lives are not worse). Nizkoduhovnye people will strive for immortality of the physical body, for fear of the unknown, what will happen to them afterwards. Vysokoduhovnye people are conscious decision would destroy the physical body and move in the next life.

In order to accelerate spiritual growth and karmic evolution. Use the energy of sex is not just for earthlings. Share it generously with other civilizations and worlds. On this basis, there will be new, previously unknown sexual energy and attitude. In the Age of Aquarius in people under the influence of aliens and members of the parallel worlds will change ideas about sex and childbearing. In other worlds can be more than two poles (good and evil, male and female) and gender. We’ve learned that a man’s sperm fertilizes the egg woman, and the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth is responsible female body. This is a clear imbalance in favor of women. In another world, maybe three sexes: male, female and neutral. A man passes the neutral sex sperm (or their male energy), a woman passes the egg (Or their female energy), and in the body of the third sex is conceived. The merging of male and female, and neutral (creative) energy. Neutral floor becomes pregnant (according to earthly concepts) and giving birth to children. May be more than three floors. For example, for the birth of men to the union of one sex, for the birth of women – the other, and for the creation of neutral creatures – the third.

Acute Tolerance

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We can establish the following classification by the effects of the substance: – Acute Tolerance: The intense effect of the drug decreases as the consumption of this is being repeated in a short amount of time. That is, not because we eat more to get a stronger effect. – Reverse tolerance or sensitization: The effect is intense, consuming even small amounts of the substance. It is typical in alcoholic liver disease resulting from chronic. – Tolerance and reciprocal cross: When a person develops tolerance to a poison (alcohol) of a particular group (CNS depressant), submit the same, tolerance towards others in the same group (Amytal, Butisol, Nembutal, Phenobarbital) even when consumption is not usual. We could say that tolerance is a creation worthy of the most insightful of the inventors, the best talent to create alcoholics / as, since its appearance causes the increase of the doses administered / ingested, helping the development of dependence or withdrawal syndrome in the case of not being true to its mandate.

6. Learn more on the subject from Michael Chabon. DEPENDENCE: The dependence is manifested through the irresistible urge to continue to consume alcohol, even knowing the damage it causes. The drinker in a situation of dependency has lost the ability to control the consumption of alcohol: – Physical dependence is physical discomfort experienced by the body because of the absence of the drug. Example: A person with alcoholism may have tremors, nausea, insomnia, etc., if not drinking. – The psychological dependence is the psychological state of restlessness and a strong desire to take drugs continuously or periodically experienced by the person in the absence of drug. Example: an alcoholic may feel irritable, anxious and experience a strong urge drinking.

7. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS): A set of signs and symptoms generally contrary to the action that produced the drug that caused it. It can be caused by drug withdrawal or by precipitation. Later we will extend these concepts. We just have to add that it is this withdrawal which causes an alcoholic has vivid dreams, which continues to consume, or be lifted at dawn to drink alcohol in order to maintain the actual level of alcohol in your body.

Psychologist. The Loss Of A Loved One. Tips

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In this article we consider one of probably many cases where a person is difficult to reconcile with the loss of a close person to him. We consider one of these situations and know the opinion of professional psychologists in this occasion. QUESTION: Hello! My name is Kathy. I am 18 years old. I am a college student. Follow others, such as Michael Chabon, and add to your knowledge base. I used to own to cope with their problems.

But this case is an exception 3 months ago died very dear to me people – my grandmother I have come to terms with this loss. But the problem is that I can not sleep at night. I do not know why I can not, and everything just fell asleep in the morning Help me please explain that to me and how I handle this? Maybe I need psychologist. Thanks in advance. ANSWERS: Vera L. Komarova Psychologist , of course, is loud and solemnly: 'I used to own to cope with their problems. " And it is important to take help, ask for help.

That – ok, you should not take on themselves more than you can move Relationship – is balancing the 'take-give'. Think about it. 'Come to terms with this loss (grandmother )' No, not resigned. The brain makes a 'accept' and the soul does not accept this loss does not let go My grandmother was an important person for you. Died last night? Older people are often little sleep, complain of a short nap, usually say that 'fall asleep in the morning'

Why We Do Not Know To Accept The Disillusionments

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Who already did not have a great disillusionment and said in elapsing of its life? Many times, the person who caused you the disillusionment, can have done and thought not to be making any badness for its attitude that made or for what spoke. The problem it is in our values and in the form of as we want that the people are or in they see our values in accordance with to them, for finding that we are always certain. Dr. Mark Hyman describes an additional similar source. The words are true dynamites for what we are living deeply e, therefore, feeling at that moment and can function as a true bomb and killing in them on the inside. The disillusionment determines the one-step end. It is not rational to suffer for what we ourselves we or for what cause the others we cause in them. Read additional details here: Dr. Mark Hyman. Pain is inevitable, but the suffering is optional. The concept in addition or belief created for our mind, invariably not true is about.

We who we construct the values and the label were that we place in the other people. They are our concepts that pautam the way, the love and the friendship. Nobody is equal we. The other made the part of it and as it desired to act. In the reality the person always was what he demonstrated at that moment, but we were who we did not make the correct reading of as it really is in its interior. The adversities of the life in show other realities to them with which we did not have contact, therefore this so strong feeling of disillusionment.

I disappointed many times and still I have much to disappoint itself. In some, I was irritated, deeply hurt, wise person not to see the life and the people as I know today. Normally you suffer because she waits excessively of the people.

Communication And Success

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If you want to achieve success in life – in all areas, both personal and business – then excellent communication is one of the key ingredients you will require. Communication and language has always impressed me the language and the use we make of it. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Martin O?Malley. Perhaps it is something everyday, we use it from birth and therefore do not give it the importance it has. It is regrettable that we can sit down to think about what we do with our words, because with them we can build or destroy. A word spoken is like an arrow shot, never returned to its place, we can praise praise, support or encourage someone and in the same way we can hurt, offend and even destroy. We use the language and speech to communicate, but we are not aware of what we communicate, the message we give. It is so important that he could attribute to our good or bad social relationships, couple or family. Yes, it’s serious, but more serious is our own inability to see it. If we had come so clear how far our words and how deep touch for good or evil in the hearts and feelings of others then we would be much more careful when we use them, and take advantage of to reinforce positive things in others. Misunderstandings happen Why? How and why do you have? Because there is no single way of seeing reality, in other words, we see things according to our own personality, from our own personal angle, so our view is biased, or incomplete. We believe the possessors of the truth, we assume that everyone sees things the same way as we do and let me say that in this approach there are two mistakes.

Effective Learning

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From there they appear language of the bees, the language of the dolphins, the languages of computers. We will treat here, however, only of the verbal language, only capacity that the human being distinguishes from any another animal. Novelist has many thoughts on the issue. Many theories exist that try to explain as a considered child normal, that is, without physiological problems that can say affect it and without normal conditions of exposition to the language, with age of three the four years, it dominates almost perfectly, the language said to its redor. Of all these theories, we go to mention four chains and on theoreticians it: the behaviourism, the inatismo, the cognitivismo construtivismo and the sociointeracionismo. The hierarchies of the learning Effectively the developed and structuralized systematic accomplishments around ' ' hierarchies of the learning fully enroll in the tradition of analyses of condutista inspiration of education programado' '. (Coll, p.226.) As the basic author the estimated one of the condutista tradition had been if originating the general theory of learning that if bases on the programming of concepts and contents that if approached to the knowledge concrete, that is, next to the reality that the child can have.

The child has direct contact with some information and between them she selects what she interests to it. She fits to the professor to propagate the activated previous knowledge that already is selected and incorporating other item that enrich the vocabulary thus stirring up in the child the desire to more than know to search greater agreement to incorporate new information, this curiosity must be encouraged. One affirms such ideas Coll, 1990 in accordance with p.227 the necessity to leave of objects formulated clearly; to establish an order; a commanded sequence of education, destined to harness the reach of these objetivos' '. We can stand out the importance of the objectives for accomplishment of the tasks most common, since simplest until most complex.