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First Day With My Baby – Basic Steps And Early Pregnancy Tests

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After a normal birth, the newborn is delivered to their parents because the physical contact provides the first links. From that moment and if the mother desired, you can start breastfeeding, but the baby will claim their food at 4 hours after birth. At the hospital, parents asearan the baby, dress, feed him and be very attentive to their movements and the sounds they emit. After you remove the clip 24 holding the umbilical cord and it is recommended that touches on the stump with an alcohol solution in order to promote healing and prevent infection. The stump will fall off by itself in a couple of weeks or even earlier. It was also observed by the body rashes that usually appear due to the friction of the first clothes.

This is no problem and no treatment is needed. Go away by themselves, although many mothers believe that they are applied talc, soaps, perfumes or lotions enhance specific eruptions. This is not true, even worse because they tend to cause more rash. The first will come loaded with urate urine so it will be very concentrated and in some cases shows the pink locker. If the baby does not urinate during the first 24 hours should consult a doctor as soon as possible (children usually take longer than girls). Likewise, also defecate in the first 24 hours, with the deposition of a dark green color almost black. It will be a sort of sticky substance that sometimes prevents evacuate the baby and creates a plug that should be treated with gentle enemas. After a few days word1, the skin peels off and dried in the ankles and wrists area.

Another recommended that parents make is that when feeding, the baby swallows air and sometimes also is unable to burp so it must be placed leaning against the chest and pat on the back. This position and Pat will cause a pressure on the baby burp that helps (you can get milk is not considered vomiting). As for the medical part If that will be required to perform a series of tests described in our web infoembarazo.es later. We quote here the evidence of the neonatologist: Just born, check the condition of the baby: perceived size, color, movement and reactions. It explores the heart and lungs: Auscultation of the heart to analyze heart rate, and exploration of the lung field. Measure the baby’s skull. It is considered a standard of 33 and 36 cm. It should look for possible hematoma or packages, as well as fontanelles, which are the union of the various bones of the skull. They look at the eyes, nose and ears and measure the distances. It gives light to see if the pupil is contracted to it. Oral exam, lips and palate. Neck and collarbone: the state will be assessed gestational found. Skin, breast, navel and belly sex organ: the output should be seen and there is correct, and if the testes are in the scrotum. In girls, lips and size discussed clitoris. It also discusses the year whether it has to intervene surgically. Reflex Testing (they are a methodical series of tests to evaluate abilities, limitations and possible mental state of the baby.)