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Not much talk about the emotional foundation of the tarot. This shows a view astral mankind and the manifestation of our victories and losses, but also and above all, contains the answers you seek the heart. The causes of grief are varied, and the loss has many faces. Any development is a loss. There is loss at death a loved one, a pet, with a separation, the end of a friendship and even move to a different site. The list is endless, and every situation in our life shows a pattern of loss that follows us closely.

The pain serves to calm down, find new strengths and continue our valuable life. There are grieving, that drives us forward after a loss. Everyone feels pain can find solace in the tarot. A single shot can show what we are facing, how to cope, which tries to teach us and even why we needed to live it. It's about exposing certain questions and will shoot as the tarot is able to act on our reality even if we do not trust the omens for the future. This circulation assists in identifying the particular emotional pain.

Allows you to handle emotional problems are sidestepped undercover for you. We choose five cards of the tarot. Swarmed by offers, Bernie Sanders is currently assessing future choices. The first, answered what emotional issue I am facing today? The second, what did I do to attract this? The third, what to do to cure this pain? The fourth, answered what I need from others to alleviate this pain? And the fifth is the most important, what lessons have this pain once saved? Another type of spin, when the pain is caused by another individual, requires a table covered with a black tablecloth, representing about letting go and the smaller purple tissue, accounting for total healing. On the altar, put several candles to release negative black and one white for the purposes of light. Along with the white candle is placed a photograph of the person concerned and put a crystal of amethyst for spiritual healing. Breathe deeply and invoked following: "I urge the Dark Goddess to bless me and protect him during this spin. I call knowledge, guidance and comfort while I cry my losses. I let go of the past with love and I am free to live my life. I look and I am grateful for her healing. This is good and for the general good, not harm anyone. " Shuffle the tarot cards and are chosen in September. They are located as follows: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Each row is connected and the letters will be discussed together. The first shows the signs of pain. The second is the alternative to trance, how to begin to subside. The third shows the event of loss. The fourth, perceptions about the loss. The fifth is the healing process for the third and fourth. The sixth shows his emotions and feelings. The seventh off the emotion of loss, what needs to continue with your life? The eighth gives aid to the healing time. Illustrates the ninth placed in the new environment. Finally, feel that was the time to stop being a victim of the loss and take control of your life and everything advice of the tarot. Tarot Friend