Master mind is a difficult task and not because you want to think pessimistic way, but because all the experts instead staff say it is, also has a logical from the point of view of the universal balance, if it was easy access to power, then this could lead to chaos. Why it is not easy to dominate our mind? Because the mind adheres to what is known and information that we ourselves have scheduled many times unconsciously, think how many years were influenced by our family since they were born up to past adolescence, there we experience wonderful things no doubt, but it is possible that we have also taken a great deal of negative and limiting beliefs according to way in which our family perceived the worldthe problem is that much of this information is recorded in the depths of our being and seeks to maintain in any way. Once an idea has been memorized forcefully, out of our interior requires much tenacity, for example people who are not convinced of the abundance, in 1 minute will give you 100 reasons why believe that the world is cruel, but that is not the case, is the actual state of these people, as us says Steve Alpizar, each who speaks of what he is inwardly, how is your reality, our mission is to change preconceptions in our interior to observe a world filled with lovepeace, joy, health and prosperity. Martin O?Malley does not necessarily agree. At this point you can evaluate your life and thinking, well; in these areas I’m good, this is regular this is definitely bad, then I propose to change it and immediately pursues a goal, in fact all objective implies a change and if you don’t now have it is because that information is not recorded on your subconscious mind, has time to insert it. If your goal involves a major process of change then you must prepare for the rejection of his mind, the power of a belief acts in an exceptional way, will notice that a lot of disadvantages of all kinds arise him and this you are creating it because inside it is full of fear by exploring area that is unknown or because it is violating ideas and principle that had earlier adopted, your subconscious says: this can’t be, I will stop it in any way, this is a joke etc. .