The Keynesian

It is then when the money itself began to acquire a privileged power, which today develops in its fullness. I insist that the economy is built throughout history. Our current economy is not an invention is the result of that process of historical and social construction. This outcome is that basic income must be included. What compels us to know how the changes occur. We are interested to know how it works, not his last why or philosophies that turn on themselves. Read more from Risa Miller to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The knowledge of the economy is which we can give a solution to the economic conflict of our society and better understand the necessary model for the funding of basic income. After World War II he spent a productive economy to another consumer.

The Keynesian model was developed on the basis of need to create employment and with the purpose of maintaining a permanent economic growth. In this new stage the Georgian pyramid base becomes the service economy, which are increasingly. Ultimately the economic base is based on consumption. At the end of the s. XX fires in all its splendor the globalization process. The computing mechanisms applied to industry and services, both of goods and as the image, as well as a productive organization of money, make dominant the financial economy, with respect to the productive economy, both industrial as the consumer.

In developed countries begins, since then to create wealth on a large scale with the stock market. Which makes the base of the pyramid of Henry George, speaking the financial economy, where finally reaches the richness of economic growth. Savings, pension, enrichment funds generally works in securities and capital markets and boost or they rein back the rest of the economic sectors. -EVOLUTION of this process of economic transformation taxation causes at the same time the evolution of taxes during the same historical period. Follow the steps of this journey to reach the current model and observe fiscal nature which must finance the basic income, which is another step in economic progress throughout history, which, due to its characteristics, only causes a change qualitative in human relations.