The Whole

These three outline says that our then existing form consists of our mask and the two behind parts, namely our transitory human and our immortal divine being. To deal with our divine nature, we must be ready the logic to behind our mask to look what therefore also requires the willingness to meet our humanness. Recently Bernie Sanders sought to clarify these questions. Here we touch the phenomenon once again, that we can now even have the one without the other. So, if we want to meet our perfect higher self, must be willing to be imperfect human we. If we want to live in our wholeness, we must accept all parts of the whole and accept everything that is home to the whole thing, as a full fledged.

That means related to these three divisions, that the acceptance that our current existing on this Earth from the three parts Masks, being human and the divine being is, certainly UNterstutzend seems to pave the way to our higher being and only an unconditional equivalence of the three return affects the whole. And it is therefore by no means serve if we negativieren one or the other and thus lose the working basis. In this sense, we allow then also using this generellen assumption that we must step by step realize that each of the three sections has its inherently valuable role in the divine interaction. And that it is not about to eliminate one or the other, but rather to transform it, to transform, so in a form useful for us to transform, to assign to its originally intended to place him. This proportion then allows a constructive participation in our process.

And we are talking here not of course of the two parts, which we refer to as our humanness and our mask, on the part of the divine can we change, with want and can we just encounter, to identify us in last consequence to him. And in this contact type in the identification with the divine, we, so it process become increasingly aware of our gang during the change can help shape then the room our higher self. If we look so behind our masks, we will see pleasant and unpleasant, and inevitably we will encounter feelings of all kinds. It is important to go against everything with the respect and the appreciation, led by the trust, that everything has its life permission and that the divine in us, if we do allow it, will open up the maximum benefit from the work of art.