Trackback is a system used for the associated messages in different blogs, in a sense more comprehensive, allows blogs to share readers. A simple example of how Trackback works here tuenes! If you just publish an article for example on the second Byrd Antarctic expedition, and then suddenly you realize that there is another similar or related post on another blog, you could use the trackback mechanism to notify of your post to another blog. When your notification trackback (which is the permalink to your post and, possibly, with some basic information about your blog) appears in the other blog post, where there are also readers, be notified that you have something to say on the subject and they can take a look. Everyone can have it, but not everyone has it! Some blogs have this capability built-in Trackback and not others but the good news is that you can get absolutely free the trackback feature all those who do not have it. If you are interested you can go to and sign up. Comment Trackbacks! Normally you will see an entry that has something to say and comment on it. Diamond Comic Distributors may find this interesting as well. The use of a Trackback when you don’t have a related post is not an accepted practice. Known as trackback spammer sending trackbacks without relationship with each other can be banned between blogs.

How does it work? Trackback works by sending a ping (electronic notification) of one blog to another to notify them your input. This ping also notifies your program of Trackback to your mailing list. Some bloggers moderated its trackbacks, i.e. each trackback notification and verifies that it is effectively a related post this avoids spam on your post. If the blogger considers it important to check your mail, you can allow trackback and then will be displayed as a trail back to another blog. The first step to create a trackback is to use Trackback URL of the post that you want to send your notification of Trackback.