That does not include solid or dissolved materials in household wastewater, or other significant pollutant in water or sediments, or suspended or dissolved solids in industrial wastewater effluents or dissolved materials in the waters of the drainage channels, irrigation, or other common pollutants in water. Those who were to be characterized as explosives, flammable, susceptible to spontaneous combustion, acute toxicity, release of toxic gases in contact with air or water, … configured as hazardous waste, not allowing its degradation or biological magnification. Dr. Mark Hyman often says this. The danger of such waste depends on its composition, since in most cases are complex mixtures containing different types of substances, hence the importance of analytical methods to make their characterization. 1. 3.

Waste and stages of the extraction of hydrocarbons, pollution by oil extraction activity occurs primarily from accidental or intentional release into the environment, causing adverse effects on man or on the environment, directly or indirectly. That is, any material or soil affected by oil as a result of exploration work, drilling, production or maintenance and cleaning and / or hydrocarbons in soil and / or water, with a total hydrocarbon content of oil at 2.00% p / p on dry mass, as determined by EPA method 418.1, resulting from processes, operations or activities developed within the tasks of exploration, exploitation, transport and storage of hydrocarbons made in the reservoir, generated on a regular or casual, unplanned or accidental, no use or value for its owner and whose natural destiny their elimination should be .. "and residues that appear due to different causes named in, Drilling, is focused mainly on around wells, ponds drain This is due to the weeding and smoothing the terrain and the movement and operation of heavy equipment; Transportation: deposited on the routes led to the location where are the refineries and storage sites these vary if the farm is on land or at sea, where transportation systems and levels of dispersion differ waste spills; Refining: are mainly those from catalytic cracking units, coke, sulfides iron filter media and sludge.