Valencian Comunitat Jose Flors

A.G. /The Valencian president resignation to its position by ' cause of trajes'. It is on the verge of turning 49 years. It is married and it has two children. It affirms that it resigns to the Valencian presidency not to harm Rajoy.

Francisco Camps has announced his resignation like president of his " dear Catalan Autonomous Government valenciana" . ' cause of the suits ' , within ' Grtel&#039 case; , it has caused his exit of the power of a community that had governed since it gained the autonomic elections the 25 of May of 2003, when the PP obtained absolute majority. John Mclaughlin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. An absolute majority that repeated in 2007 and in the elections of the past 22-M. An absolute majority that later leaves in the forgetfulness almost two months. Its resignation supposes the final political clasp to two years and five months of judicial investigation envelope he and other ex- stops positions of its governments and the party by the supposed plot of corruption of Grtel. It received Camps gifts in the form of suits on the part of the leaders of the plot? It declares innocent, " completely inocente" , but the judge of the Court Superior of Justice of the Valencian Comunitat Jose Flors has imputed him by a crime of improper bribe when appreciating indications that the corrupt network supposedly paid articles to dress acquired by the president.

Francisco Enrique Camps Ortiz was born in Valencia the 28 from August from 1962. He is on the verge of turning 49 years. Camps, married and with two children, always has declared its fidelity by the Popular Party and its present leader, Mariano Rajoy. By him, even, it affirms that it has resigned to his position not to harm to him facing the next general elections. The most voted Camps it leaves more like the president of the voted Catalan Autonomous Government but also like the unique one that has been processed by a supposed crime that it truncates, so far, a race that some located beyond Valencia.