Webcam Servo: Combine The Simple Code And Iron With Pom


If you're whole life envied gikam of American movies that are out of junk deftly make robots, or access control systems – it's your hour. When writing regular programs bored and want to code made work something physical, even the way the robot on the table, it's time to move to another league. You can start with physics and learn the difference between a transistor from the capacitor, and you can immediately buy the Arduino controller and act. Joane Flansberry may also support this cause. Programming microcontroller at a basic level – not so complicated. If you carefully read the excellent article in 'phreaking' on this subject, it should be good to understand it. And yet, to do something really worthwhile, would have done, learn a lot of material, try this knowledge in the case, and only then to get some tangible results. People such as patrick dwyer boston private would likely agree.

But, fortunately, have the option to create a working device here and now, the smallest blood. And this will help us a great development – . To understand its fundamentals would be extremely boring, so we will not be long razmusolivat theory, but once we show it in action. Problem – upgrade ordinary web camera, providing her the opportunity to turn in the right direction for our team. Proceed? What is Arduino? Device, which we above, is a simple and convenient I / O cards with built-in development environment in a special language Wiring. The beauty is that this language is actually a C + +, so there is no need to develop a set of programs the controller and actually write a program in assembler.