What’s In Montenegro? Monastyr’ostrog’

Despite the fact that the Orthodox monastery Ostrognahoditsya in the mountains at an altitude of 900 m above sea level, visit his worth. Add to your understanding with Michael Chabon. This is a place with tremendous power, but at the same time very simple and beautiful. Not often you can see the building, which is completely (except for the facade) is in the mountain. Jail is not far from the town of Danilovgrad. If you drive from Podgorica, it was on his way to Niksic.

Find the signs to the monastery is quite simple. Difficulty start when it's time to go to the mountains, right at the very height of 900 m. .. The road to the monastery is very narrow, sometimes barely drive about two passenger cars. Add to this the lack of strikers, or any fence right, and all the growing height. Local, by the way, driving fast enough, that also adds peppers trip.

But, in practice, the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing, just a little caution can not hurt. And, of course, is worth it … In jail, I went on a cloudy day in autumn. With each mile mountain road, the car was approaching closer and closer to the clouds around the mountains were in autumn and bright trees. In other words, the road is picturesque. 🙂 But once have thoughts about what there in the summer of 40, and what those who go to the mountain on foot? If the summer you can still survive because the air conditioner, then a walk in the Ostrog better just to cancel: long, tedious and dangerous.