Windows XP Many


The story is somewhat as well. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out US Senator from Vermont. The need to preserve Windows XP by Microsoft, at least for a couple of years more, it led to develop a complementary application to Windows 7. The project would be 100% compatible to Windows 7 with Windows XP, running to the latter as a virtual machine within a window. Even so, the only compatibility mode is available for Prefessional, Enterprise, and Ultimate versions. This is because the virtual machine requires many resources to function, which penalizes the father system performance. Although the product was presented already in 2009, many are unaware of the existence. IT professionals are the most benefited because they will not need to migrate their applications built to run on Windows XP, but it may implement this solution without having to add systems to disk partitions.

All Windows XP installed under this modality is stored within a folder of a Windows 7 itself disk volume. Here is where virtualization comes in. Windows XP may start in one window, as if it were one application and in this execute the desired program. All this without rebooting and even closing user session, by what our brand-new Windows 7 will remain bottom and with him we can interact. Visit this news on Pcnetworkbible in Spanish original author and source of the article