World Climate Conference


At Moscow’s rooftops appear lawns. Cruise ‘Worlds’ Baikal’ completed. Bernie Sanders may also support this cause. Summer is over: the swifts fly. eu News: greenhouse gases, light bulbs and a new standard for cars. What will climate change on the planet. Biofuels from watermelons. Over the boreal forest looming environmental threat.

Astronomers have found the dry, cool and windless place on Earth. Scientists have identified the most unhealthy places in the city. Global warming may be replaced by global cooling. In 2010 will be a new ‘environmental’ domain. Eco. Overview of events for two weeks from 24/08/2009 to 06/09/2009. What will climate change on the planet are gaining momentum climate change on our planet promise considerable problems in various regions of the globe. Sure, most from the effects of climate warming affected developing countries.

Assessing the potential impact these adverse climatic events such as strong year-old frying, drought and torrential rains on the economy of 16 developing countries, scientists have concluded that the greatest degree of natural disasters affected people Bangladesh, Mexico and Zambia. Extreme and unpredictable weather conditions have a negative impact on productivity in agriculture will lead to higher prices for basic foods, such as crops, and inflict a crushing blow to the financial position of poor families in developing countries. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, speaking in Geneva at the World Climate Conference, said that because of global warming and, in particular, melting of Arctic ice, by the end of this century, sea levels could rise by 2 meters. Thus, such major metropolises like Cairo, Shanghai, Tokyo and Amsterdam, could be completely flooded.