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Let me you explain what are these 4 types of learning: 1.-which is the first kind of people learning is question – because?: because I want to learn?, because I have to learn this?, is important when we write our articles, that is the first answer that we have to respond. For example, one of the courses that Daniel taught me during your millionaire home is how to manage my time, here is the question because it teaches Me that? And did because would I interest in learning how to manage time in a business on the Internet?, the reasons that the gave me and I the entiendia was to be able to succeed in a business based at home over the internet would have to learn how to create routines of I work, I learned that as humans we are like some machines we create routines and we have to learn to leave these routines, creating new habits, creating new habits all our work will be more efficient and easy, the more difficult this is that our minds will not let us create new habits because of the old routines that there have rooted. Explains a concept that there is such as a curve or a hill of learning, in done takes 30 days to create new habits, if you do not you take your time managing those 30 days to create new routines, hardly going to have the expected success. ALL the previous is an example of the because?, Daniel bone here I was explaining to my and others, because is important to create other routines to have success in our business by INTERNET. 2. The second type of people learning is AQUEL which is question – do that?: this type of person is like my friend Daniel, the always is asked which mean, do as it is something specific works in your full Panorama, you let me explain a bit more: the person who likes the?

Eduardo Blanco

In this new era of networks and cyberspace is a place for you, you can be part clearly and perform tasks that gratifiquen you not only emotionally but monetarily and more. Here also, as outside, have options, but easier to get: you can be an apprentice, a common employee, a Chief who choose their schedules or an expert who all want to emulate.You can be all of them crossing the road, it doesn’t matter, what you should import is to where you want to reach. You choose this place. I stop to be an expert, dear entrepreneur friend, for that you will need to get ready. as? enabling you and learning and unfortunately I must say that you have to be willing to invest money. As you think that you can acquire training in another way? Somewhere outside of internet can acquire training and knowledge free? When I started, I made the decision to make a major investment, because I preferred to start being part of a business, and buy one, and with him I get all the knowledge and tools that couldn’t give me and with whom I walked much along the way until the results came. Then I always was, I am, and I’ll be investigating to learn more and will continue investing in my training.

Very soon I will have a business more in line for which I am working hard, and I have people working in another I think start before year’s end. I’ll be very happy and happy when they put them up and it will be for me the prize to the work done. I think that there is no other way, you must also pass your stage of learning as you did before. Only, I want to let you know as it is the way, you know how and from where to start, what I try is only of orient yourself so don’t waste too much time, and I assure you that here time is the most important thing. If you’re determined to show your presence on the net, it begins to invest in your training as you continue not wasting time trying to get free stuff, or saving information you’ve got free.

Of course you will find very useful things and that you serve, but hey, what takes advantage, valuable, simply is charged. Instead of five free programs, get for each that you pay but you buy it to an expert. I assure you that you will learn much more and more important. You not desperdiciaras your time, you’ll direct the grain. Lots of luck! Eduardo Blanco original author and source of the article


NOT all experts are good. But all good if they are experts. There is something very interesting that I want to share with you and is the fact that these days is heard much this terminology or this definition: expert. There are people in the network who are naively awarded this rank or noble title and the reality is that everyone we absolutely are all about real INEXPERIENCED. We should ask ourselves to Einstein, for example, if he was considered an expert. I don’t have enough information in this sense, but I am sure that by analyzing the greatness of character I would say that anything he considered as such.

We consider that the bombastic terminologies are not comparable with what people expect, they are not in any action, fortunately test of the flow of intelligence that circulates on the network. Crearte a particular stamp is important, but be careful because the ridiculous can be. Any expert referred to has the peculiarity, sometimes, that If not master something in specific asks about the topic expert is proclaimed, you do not answer. Evades the answers and then it is possible that eat books not to say did not know there is no doubt that some dominate more one theme than others. And it is true that he has played them devote hours and hours of study and preparation to reach specific learning, allowing them to dominate pretty well a concept or given topic.

It is true that many if they are true specialists or Entendidos in what they do and some show you the way as others shut up. But most of these good teach you how to get there. The reality is we all learn in particular every day. Until the end of our existence we are learning and correcting the decisions we make. UNMASKING some experts is interesting as some to exemplify a little, are catalogued as experts in Google Adwords and is even laughable for a simple reason: as possible be expert precisely in estamagnifica advertising tool and marketing on the Internet and not be in the first 100 000 websites after 3,4 or 5 years of work?.It is contradictory.

Ukrainian Translation Services

If you are having trouble finding a professional translator, our translation agency, this company is exactly what you need! It offers translation and interpretation, translation and notarization of official documents, legalization, as well as proofreading and editing of existing texts. Our experts will quickly and accurately translate your documents, be it technical translation, legal, financial, medical, literary translation, translation of Internet sites or individual Web pages. Also, our agency can provide interpreters who are engaged in simultaneous and successive types of transfers and will assist you in carrying out activities that can not be made without the presence of professionals. We employ both full-time and freelance employees. Therefore, we do not have any problems with finding a free interpreter. We provide translations of texts in all directions. Our experts will be able to accurately translate texts from virtually any foreign language into Russian and vice versa from Russian into a foreign language.

Also it is possible to order texts from one language into another foreign language. Ultra Wellness Center is the source for more interesting facts. If you need to transfer voice or audio-yl videos, then again we will be happy to assist you in solving this problem. When order transfers it to our office, you can not worry about the outcome. We provide a multi-stage control of all orders. All translations are subject to adjustment, after editing, stylistic proof-read. It was only after going through all the stages of testing, translations are given to the customer.

Our company employs only professional business, with extensive experience in translating texts of a specific topic. Referring to the Ukrainian office Translation, you can be confident that the work will be done exactly at the specified time without any delay. All data sent to us, texts and documents will not be disclosed to third parties. Our office guarantees full confidentiality. By contacting us you will get the work done strictly according to your requirements.


If you see a very low cost per square meter, just add it to the VAT and the cost of utilities: scoring of "naked" price – one of the favorite techniques of lessors. At once specify the rent with all the required payments. Search A to Z Despite all the difficulties, statistics show that if you do not show leased area to excessive demands, to find room to move and possible within 1-2 weeks. Typically, the primary source of information are ads in the newspapers, "Hand in Hand" and "Chance", but by the time the numbers of a considerable part of the information is already outdated. Therefore the most reasonable or view ads on the Internet (for example,), or go round you are interested area in search of outdoor advertising for themselves the offices, which usually indicate a telephone number and free premises. Joint work – it brings together Small areas are usually required for small businesses operating in the service sector. Additional information is available at Risa Miller . Several of these companies, together, can take in a joint lease office block, instead of using the area to pass in the sublease.

The main thing in this situation – trust companies to each other. It's just a situation where you can choose the neighbors – so that they may be unreliable. Also important to have the possibility of sharing space in classrooms. Beds for If you need a business office for one person, and the rest of the suit is more comfortable home office, you can use a relatively new service – to hire a job. Price of the issue a bit, but still below the cost of renting separate office.

As a rule, pass an area of about 5 sq. m. together with furniture and appliances, as well as the ability to use the same for all the hall. Some business centers offer extra hourly rental conference rooms and other services. Not often in the center of a small office space can be found in former research institutes, hotels, annexes or on the upper floors of shopping centers. However, when deciding whether to rent a room should be prepared for lack of good management system and, consequently, outdated communications and poor quality finish. Grow your health! Companies predictor significant growth in the near future, there is sense to rent or buy space "for growth." Unused surplus areas to temporarily rent out (as long as they do not need arise). If the premise is highly liquid and have the opportunity to create it several small autonomous offices, the offer of rent will be very attractive to many tenants and … who knows, maybe this trend will grow out of a side branch of your business?

Talking With My Son

There are different terms that we as parents we find it somewhat difficult to talk with our children that in some way try to impose our will, we know the risks they may face them and sometimes we do not have many arguments to keep this conversation one such issue is smoking. Without any kind of confrontation could begin this conversation with a bit of history and to address some interesting issues for our children. The Snuff is a plant that is a major non-food agricultural products in the world, is grown for its leaves that, once cured, smoked, chewed or sniffed in the form of snuff. She is a native of the Americas, as noted by Christopher Columbus, the Indians smoked the snuff Caribbean using a rod-shaped pipe called Tobago, which takes its name from the plant. Hear other arguments on the topic with Novelist. Apparently possessed medicinal properties and used it in their ceremonies.

For a long time after Spain monopolized trade, smoking – whether cigarettes or pure, as is also called, was seen as a social status for the bourgeoisie in Europe, USA and other countries. In the last half century was common to see in magazines, newspapers, television and cinema advertisements of different companies producing snuff; the great figures of all means were employed to promote sales helped push the number of smokers in any part of the world, the snuff was very socially acceptable. Today many countries have started to fund intensive campaigns aimed at restricting the use and sale of snuff for the high social cost in health and is not very well regarded socially …

February Computer

The bet computer wholesaler to offer a better service in the Blanyai network, computer wholesalers, have taken this new 2011 as the year to launch its website ( permanently. To this end, improve its design, navigation, ease of management, and tools to provide a comprehensive and complete service to all its users. In the coming months, Blanyai, as already it has been doing for several years, leverage the months from February to August, both inclusive, to improve the services that previously had been offering and introduce novelties of added value for all its customers. According to its CEO, a. Lopez j., this year we will make special emphasis on our web page.

A tool that so far we had not spin 100% given our lack of time, which will be already improved in the first months of the year 2011. We have noticed its vital importance, being a tool that facilitates purchases, saving time to the customer. As regards updating of the web we will find much more information and up to date, that it will bring the dynamism required in modern times, it is what it intends to achieve with your new Blanyai web, where will expand its product portfolio to more than 5,000 articles and the best of it, will be completely updated and with deadlines for availability around from 24 hours a, maximum72 hours. Laptops, printers, consumables, TVs, laptop cases, motherboards, processors, flash memory, and integration card graphics, mobile, wide range of monitors, speakers, antivirus, sais and terminal blocks, clone computers, multimedia and external hard drives and computers brand HP, ASUS, TOSHIBA, PACKARBELL and a long etcetera. Not only that, but that weekly have decided to send, by e-mail to all its distributors of computer science, a list with these product updates, which will include the manufacturer, the description, reference price with your corresponding canon (in case go applied), as well as a link to a sheet and another to a photo of the product, a luxury for all those web pages that walk righteous time administrators.


But as Zapatero has been doing antics and pushing the leg into all the assumptions and possible aspects, people from their Governments that wanted to continue to maintain a certain degree of dignity and respect, have left them, and those people we could say that they were the best of their various Governments. From his first Government, making a football analogy we could say that they were the holders of first division, have gone through to see how were replaced by computer reservations in first division, to then see how they spent playing second division, and in a very short time politicians of third, the regional and now or now with the current politicians happens as when children he spent next to a group of guys that were playing soccer and you said wanna play football? and you answered, okay. But until I call my mother to eat. Because that same, current politicians are in their ministries while they call them to eat and with that box of politicians, it is not that we will not emerge from any crisis, it is that we’re going to sink more into the bottomless pit into which we are falling sharply. Only cited as an example of boy, girl in this case, that it plays to be political, but in reality, is not that you don’t know the rules of the political game, but that is not really prepared to dream of playing to be political. This example is Leyre Pajin, and no longer by his youth, 34 years old, but because its curriculum is not to the height that you should to be Minister of a country like Spain, but it seems that that today doesn’t matter too much to Zapatero. I hope the votes of the elections to speak with refreshing vocals and good changes, because another legislature hands of Zapatero and some governments like yours, will simply make Spain as we know it today, disappears. Original author and source of the article..

Czech Republic

The hardest part – is to get yourself on a regular basis to deal with. Time to classes I was given in the morning. No time to escape the daily problems, I immediately sat down at the books. But unfortunately, I was not 100% sure that everyone understands and pronounce correctly, because there was nobody to correct me. Then I found a Czech student to correspond to the site and Skype began to train more effectively.

Advantages of the method: training at virtually no cost; incredible amount of useful information; training of conversational Language; new friends from abroad; classes at a convenient time; a variety of teaching methods. Disadvantages of the method: requires strict control and self-organization; difficult to learn the correct articulation. Direct communication with the carrier CZECH LANGUAGE But the most interesting time was when I moved to the Czech Republic. Communicating with native speakers – it is very important and most effective way to learn. Not for nothing courses in the Czech Republic, designed for only a few months, sometimes much more effective classes on their own or six months in the country with their own language. Immersion in the environment and the constant communication with native speakers work wonders.

The only catch – it is the most expensive way study. But if you want to study or work in the Czech Republic, the best way to learn is not found. Even a trip to the grocery store turns into a lesson with a theme for you is very important and, therefore, understandable and easily memorability.