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Almost nobody had warned that such a system of paved roads and bridges, had set up a network of dams, which would alter Crescent shaped, the environment of our most fertile regions. Fraud road, consisting of the corruption of overloading trucks deteriorate them. Only a few protesters. Overall, the roads were still paying with taxation of motorists, including those who did not use the routes. Nor is emphasized, since the 1973 crisis, the price of a barrel of oil increased exponentially, its price as a foretaste of a depletion of hydrocarbons that has already been installed on the horizon. Even less is weighted, the cost in human lives, who venia generating increasingly automotive traffic, the development of the automotive industry, had been so exponential that around seven million motor vehicles, had put in terminal situation to the ferro tramway system (trams circulated until the mid-1960s). Tens of thousands of owners of buses and trucks, had become the reinsurance of any conversion of the Argentine transport system based on rail transport and water.

It goes his, that this process had been in everything on planet. There were many countries which best withstood the onslaught of the automotive caminero complex however: throughout the European continent, Australia, La India, China Mainland and Japan. It goes from yours also, that amid this traumatic evolution, the average railway had been incorporated aa Argentine cultural continuity. This Plexus of values, beliefs, and emotions, where the alleged profitability do not usually have too much importance. The enactment of the law national 23.696, known as reform of the State, towards the end of 1989, constitutes a, turning point in the evolution of the railway in the country, inextricably linked to the transport system which is part, as to national and planetary emergencies. Since that law was decided concession rail services and establish the toll routes, in charge of private dealers.

Central Blocker

Within the knowledge of all forms of attack we specialize our players. Players with many resources: 4 and 2. Due to the tactical needs we must seek strong and with great mastery of choice of whipped m fullback players. EXERCISES: r r -Tea I analytical career, whipped, etc. – global exercises career, whipped, etc. – subject to a certain height ball hitting. -Launching on the network of tennis balls. -Slapping against the wall (game). Additional information at Dr. Mark Hyman supports this article.

-Autoplacement, one-step, whipped and beating. -Aimed shots. Classification and considerations technical tactics of the attack a) attack point: – must pass over the network – with power – seeking hands of the blockade – evading the blockade – never will be b) attack pass or control network: – must pass high over the network – with ball poorly raised, adaptation of the attacker. (-With break or no break c) 1st attack TIME – fast (fast) in construction and definition. -Lead the counterattack from the area where falls Central Blocker subsequently before an active lock of the same. ((d) attack emergency – high – as much as possible with the deft hand – solve the problem posed by the play e) LOOSEN – with a good attack lifted choose the attack with power or weak attack. DIDACTICS of the attack – acceleration for the jump.

The attacker goes in search of the ball (the trajectory of the pass up reading) – arms action, coordination of railway top and bottom. -Blow at the top, at the moment more height of the suspension. Adaptation of the hand to the ball – supplementary controlled movement, to avoid mistakes. Stable balance of the body.

A Big Goal – A Great Success

Let us ponder a simple question: why is the world of people so heterogeneous, even polar? Why a very small portion of people came to a big success, they become spiritually and financially free, and the remaining life ‘plow’ and no result: modest expenses (income), or an eternal debt. It would seem trite, a rhetorical question. I often meet him – all very simple: you are lucky, then you are successful, but no luck, then do not. John Mclaughlin addresses the importance of the matter here. And yet we must be able advantage of the situation. I myself like this thought, but good luck put into the background, but mostly I stood a hard-working, responsible, active work.

We must have more than one job, but a few, well at least podrabotok. To read more click here: John Mclaughlin. With time a person gets used to that tempo, to a situation and not trying to change anything. As a friend said to me: ‘We are doomed to a life’. whom are doomed? I like this sentence: ‘The fate gives us the map. They are not change, but how we play them – it depends on us alone.

” So why are people so differently dispose of their cards of fate? Analysis of thousands of successful biographies of great men shows one particular overall quality: they all knew how dreaming about the future, they had a big goal. Others can not. How much should be a big goal to get better? Response. The aim should be not just big, and overwhelming. To achieve a big goal should be sent to all thoughts, all actions, all the impulses of the heart and soul.

Vitamin-Rich Drink

Boil 10 minutes, insist in tightly sealed container to cool, strain, add sugar to taste and drink half a cup 2 times a day. This drink will make up for supply of vitamins in the body and bestow power. You can cook refreshing beverage with a prescription yogis. For this to take a big cup 4 pcs. cardamom, black pepper, peas 4, 3 gvozdichki, ginger and cinnamon to taste.

All are ground in a mortar or coffee grinder. Then pour in a pan 280 ml lukewarm water, put the spices and cook for 20 minutes. At the end of cooking add schepotochku black tea, some milk and a spoonful of honey. Loading dose of vitamins will provide a drink from the hips and carrots. To make it, you will need: 3 tbsp. tablespoons dried hips, 2 carrots, 1 tbsp.

spoonful of sugar, 5 cups of water. The washed and peeled carrots rubbed on a fine grater and add to broth hips with sugar. To prepare the apple drink you need: 200 g of apple juice, juice of 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix apple juice with a lemon and add honey. Charge of cheerfulness will drink 'nine forces'. To cook it, take the 300 g of fresh or 50 g of dried roots of Elecampane, 100-150 grams of sugar and 0.5 cups currant (raspberry, cranberry, cherry) juice, 1 liter of water. Roots of Elecampane crushed and boiled in water 20 minutes (dry – 25 minutes). Then strain the broth, then add to it sugar or fruit juice. Drink as tonic drink. Here's another recipe for the drink to uplift forces, Take 1kg of carrots, 1 cup cranberry juice, 0.5 liter of boiled water and sugar to taste. Peeled and washed carrots rubbed on a fine grater, cover with water and place for 2 hours in refrigerator in a sealed container. Then squeeze the juice, connect it with cranberry juice, add sugar and refrigerate. Carrot juice can also be obtained in a juicer, but it must be used within one hour of cooking. Down with the stress and fatigue! Discharge and relieve stress after a hard day you can help aero-boxing. Stand before a mirror and take a boxing stance: it take a step left foot to side, slightly bend your knees and spread evenly on their body weight. Now tighten their fists and bring them to face, as do boxers. Start the box left and right hand, alternating strokes with a scathing attack one or the other leg. Such training is not only relieves stress but also improves coordination. In order to improve health and to mobilize the body, you can use the exercises of the ancient Indian healing. Connect the big and ring finger right hand and index finger push the upper (first) joint of the thumb for a few minutes and give away all problems. If you perform this exercise for 3 minutes at least 6 times a day with minimal breaks in two minutes, it will significantly strengthen their immune system.

Ceramic Coating

Enamel – perhaps the most common. Caring for them is simple and does not take much time: just wipe the walls of a microwave oven with a damp cloth. Ceramic coating is almost impossible to damage by at least when using the oven on purpose, in accordance with the instruction. Particles of fat on it is not delayed, and those that accidentally left on the walls, easily washed off with a sponge or cloth. Working with a stainless has become an attractive appearance, high strength, capable of withstanding high temperatures for a long time.

But, unfortunately, care for it takes a bit longer. Some cheaper models simple microwave oven can be simply painted “under the enamel. Given that most furnaces are used for heating prepared food, the coating can last a long time. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of writer on most websites. But with prolonged exposure to high temperatures with paint happen exactly what it should: it simply oblezet. How to determine the brendomKak experience shopping trips – electronic and very real, the price of microwave ovens range from $ 100 to 2200 euro. And if a difference in prices between different types of furnaces is clear – it includes the cost of the grill, convection fan, display and touch panel, the microwave with the same set of features from different manufacturers make you think. Why pay, for example, six hundred, if the same can be purchased for four? The same, but not that. Try to compare the cheap production models with the elite, where every detail is checked and debugged for a perfect job! Maybe this is nothing but a solid way to use technology to better than its cheaper counterpart.

Microwaves companies Miele, Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau Kuppersbusch or very happy touch to the material surface, the glass doors, buttons or knobs. Models such well-known brands – it’s stylish design, the presence of additional features and more pleasant things, and yet it is a guarantee of excellent job. Lifetime and manufacturer in the microwave oven is usually 1 year, while the claimed life varies from 5 to 8 years. Individual stores provide a three-year warranty on models made well-known manufacturers. And naposledokPri all the diversity of functions of modern microwave ovens is worth remembering that the main thing it does not built a toaster, exhaust, or the receiver, not the possibility of independent access to Internet and certainly no ability to “speak”. Microwave, grill and convection – that’s what you need for everyday cooking or reheated food. lcd display – a nice thing, but not too adapted to “our” surges. Well as “painful” to respond to power outages and touch panel controls, so if you have firmly decided to buy just such a model, Take care to buy stabilizer. However, keep in mind that for him you have to pay from 70 to 200 conventional units. No matter what the microwave oven you decide to choose: inline or solo, with a full set of functions or the simplest, most importantly, that it to satisfy all your requirements and became a real helper in the kitchen, not a beautiful expensive furniture. In this article, we described the basic parameters by which to choose a microwave oven. And to determine the desired color and shape only you can.

The Mayan Calendar

December 21, 2012 – last day of the now famous Mayan calendar. John Mclaughlin shines more light on the discussion. We had almost forgotten what it foretells us, although the relevance of the topic end of the world has grown significantly. Countdown to panic lead ecologists, geneticists, Energy. By whatever sphere of life we may have addressed, there are doubts that the current scenario, we will live to old age. Let’s look at one of the options for the finals of our civilization, which follows the predictions of the Maya. Three Mayan calendar Mayan enjoyed the whole system of the three calendars.

In the cycle of the Tzolkin calendar of 260 days, or 20 months and 13 days. The position of the person’s birth in the Tzolkin says a lot about his personal qualities and purpose in this world. Along with the Tzolkin Haab used a solar calendar with a period of 365 days. It had stores. Maya computed almost the exact duration of the solar year – 365.242 days. Scientists believe that the Maya would have 10000 years of observations to determine this number. But the Maya there was no more than 3500 years old! In addition to these two calendars, a calendar of long-count for large time intervals.

His cycle – 5125.3 year. Current cycle began on August 13 3114 bc and completed in 2012 ad In the legends of the Maya, this cycle is called the Fifth Sun. Each cycle, according to Maya mythology, ended with almost complete destruction of civilization that had developed over 5000 years.

Green Crops

Crops interspersed with antagonistic plants like marigold (Tagetes spp..) Reduce the population of nematodes from the soil of the ground including many nematodes. The incorporation of such cultivation in cropping systems, either as between crops or alternative crops should be considered whenever possible. Rotation of crops with varieties that are resistant or non-hosts cultivation as the mustard, Sesame, corn, wheat, etc. are useful to reduce the population of nematodes from the soil below the threshold level of harm. Application of organic fertilizers, fertilizers farm garden (FYM) from 18 to 20 t / has reduces the nematode population through its action of toxic substances in freedom, tolerance of improved crops and antagonists promote microbial soil resistant varieties of plant resistance plays an important role in the integrated management of nematodes on root nodule diseaseHowever, the availability of resistant varieties of horticultural crops are very few in number and many of them are not acceptable to the farmers of their suitability. Some of the varieties resistance provided reaction of resistance or tolerance to nematodes of the raiz-nudo is shown at continuacion:tomate: SL-120, Lalit Hisar, the PNR-7, Hisar N-1, Hisar N-2, Hisar N-3, NT-3, NT-8 Ronita NT-12, Patriot, PAU-5, Mangla and Karnataka Hibridos.chile: Jawala Pusa, PAC-63, CA-2057, Sindhuri, NP-46 A, Mohini, SP-26, P-6-3, K-235Berenjena: Giant of Benares, the black beauty, Gola, Baigan Gachha, PBR-91-2, CI-95-13, HOE-101, network Wonder.frijol: Barasati mutant, 82-IB, C-152, RSI-29-5, GAU-1Pea: B-58, C-50Papa: Dewa KufriOkra: Green local Kanki, Harichickni, Vaishali BadherCalabaza: Dasna, Jaipurisandia: ShahjanpuriRidge gourd: Panipati, special (modified after Anon 1988).

Meerut Chemical Control chemical control with the application of nematicides is the most effective means of control of nematodes. However, the majority of the effective nematicides have been withdrawn from the world market. Currently, insecticides that have few properties nematicides are available for farmers, but by their high doses necessary to manage nematodes, becomes uneconomic and leave high to harvested crops pesticide residue.