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Philippe Coutinho

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But Ilidio Vale team reacted immediately and 9 minute earned equality through Alex. Somewhat surprised Brazilians tried to regain control of the game and produced a dangerous move in the area of Mika in which the ball hit twice on the stick and it seemed that she walked to the bow, but the referee Mark Geiger, did it so. Hence more team Ney Franco continued pressing, looking for the advantage, that could not find after the railway the lusitanians dnsa. It was only until the last minutes of the first time that Brazil returned to the ball and in the 44 minute fullback Juan had a chance to finish a distance above the horizontal. In the second time emerged the tip Nelson Oliveira as figure. Award for his tenacity came to 59 minutes in a move solo by right. He left behind the dnsa and leaked the ball between the legs of goalkeeper Gabriel. Martin O?Malley may not feel the same. Nelson Oliveira continued giving headaches to the team canarinho dnsa.

Brazil not renounced to attack and in the 78 minute, after a pass from Dudu, who won the back of Pele, Oscar picked up a rebound of Mika dctuoso and set the 2-2 with which both teams, drowned by the effort in a city located 2,640 meters above the sea level, were at the time extra. The newly entered Caetano took the opportunity to give the advantage to Portugal in minute 98 in an arrival only against Gabriel, which contained a ball that was going in parable. In the 111 minute, a poisonous, unexpected launch of Oscar, surprised Mika, who could not contain his career toward the fence. The game ended and Brazil celebrated his fifth world title under 20, by reversing history 20 years after Portugal won in a penalty shootout. Technical data sheet: 3. Brazil: Gabriel; Danilo, Bruno Uvini, Juan, Gabriel Silva, Allan (m.46); Casemiro, Fernando, Oscar; Philippe Coutinho (m.62, Dudu), Henrique and Willian (m.46, Negueba). 2 Portugal: Mika; Cedric (m.52, Julio Alves), Roderick, Nuno Reis, Mario Rui; Danilo, Pele, Sana’a (m.99, Ricardo Dias); Sergio Oliveira, Alex (m.82, Caetano) and Nelson Oliveira.

Goals: 1-0, m.5: Oscar. 1-1, m.9: Alex. 1-2, m.59: Nelson Oliveira. 2-2, m.78: Oscar. 3-2, m.111: Oscar. Source of the news: Brazil recovers hope with the u-20

World Life

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They are linked here with nothing. Life on earth presupposes a living growing the most needed in small orchards. This is sufficient for daily wage. For more specific information, check out Maryland Governor. And this product – environmentally friendly – because you're not going to poison ourselves! On the other hand, this way of life cleanses man from the dirt of large cities, the dirt, both physical and spiritual. Therefore, reformatting of consciousness in the direction of life in small rural settlements, villages that surround the city – it's evolutionary path. Cities are at the same time should reduce in size …

Today, the beginning of this psychological approach can already be seen in the world: more and more people aspire to live in villages. However, they still do not understand what should be independently grow at least some of the food they eat. C understanding of this will come and change in consciousness. But on the other hand, the transition to this way of life their very life will be cheaper! This is – a bonus that is waiting for a man, has returned to earth. Because the land, thus rewards the person for the right decision.

We need to understand and realize that rural life is much cheaper than living in the city. And do not give the present regime to make it more expensive – the first task of the people. The more people who literally gush in village, so divorced from power, the independent from the government they would be! But even more unexpected bonus will expect a man who moved to rural conditions, and the bonus – also by nature! It consists in the fact that your the need for food drops significantly.

The Citizenship

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The librarian in the pertaining to school scope goes to contribute with incentive the reading, as he shows Hisses: the activities of the pertaining to school librarian very go beyond the service of loan of books and preparation technician of the quantity. When using the library as pedagogical space, librarians who work in the pertaining to school environment can significantly contribute in the interest of young and children for the reading. (HE HISSES, 2005, P. 125) the PERTAINING TO SCHOOL LIBRARIAN the pertaining to school librarian is not guard of books and other materials in the bookshelves, and yes a facilitador, therefore to facilitate to the access of bigger number of readers to books and other materials in all the forms and occasions. This professional must stimulate the reading and the research, therefore: Through the incentive to the reading and the research, the pertaining to school librarian finds a tool of great impact to develop in the students the necessary abilities for the learning throughout its lives, being instigated its imagination and supplying subsidies responsible citizens for the society to become where they live for its proper future (HISS, 2005 p.125) the pertaining to school librarian are an educator, therefore she stimulates the act to read the customers of the library and teaches that ' ' The practical one of the reading stimulated for the pertaining to school librarian can stimulate the interest of students for new knowledge, becoming the learning in more easy and interesting classroom alunos' ' (IT HISSES, 2005, P. 125). This professional is of basic importance in the construction of the citizenship, therefore she is during the pertaining to school period that the learning is forming its critical and creative identity. In this stage of the life it is elaborating the world concept and everything that is its return, for this becomes necessary the magnifying of its important knowledge and that the pupil not if limit only to the knowledge acquired in classroom. .

Second Hand

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Currently the acquisition of farm equipment is a big investment. For this reason, if you want to get the best performance to good cost. In regards to tractors, there are plenty of reasons to consider the purchase of second hand tractors in good condition rather than seek a new one. At the same time, a new tractor can be within their interests. Here are some considerations to help you decide which option is right for you. One of the first points to consider is the reality of the depreciation of the new tractor.

Just as with cars and trucks, a new tractor will start to decrease its value at the time that is given to his farm.While this is not important if you plan to keep the tractor only for a short time, may be a major concern if hope is the recoup its investment through the sale of the team in six months or less. If that is your goal, then go with a good quality used tractor. You will approach to the recovery of its investment and, possibly, help a little more if There have been some improvements to the unit. A great advantage of buying a new tractor are tax incentives that many Nations allow on a tractor. However, note that the tax advantages are available only if agriculture is their main vocation, or at least constitutes a significant amount of their total annual income. Before you spend money on a new tractor, check tax laws that apply in your area.

If you do not qualify for significant tax deductions on your new computer, you would do well to buy a good quality used tractor in place. Understanding how the tractor will be used is another important consideration. Do you have a small garden, perhaps no more than five hectares or less? If that is the case, put relatively little wear on the computer, a good used tractor will cost less and do the same job just as well. On the other hand, if you’re a farmer Professional with hundreds or thousands of hectares for cultivation and harvesting, you’ll want something designed to last and in perfect condition. In this case, you can invest for a new tractor that comes with a solid warranty and maintenance contract. Fortunately, you have options to consider. It is possible to buy refurbished and restored reliable brands of tractors. These giants of the industry such as John Deere and Farmall are often one good source of new and reconditioned equipment. Check with local distributors in the availability of refurbished units, often they are available at prices similar to the tractor, but they have the additional advantage of a guarantee limited and possibly even a limited service contract.


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The recovery of materials and the junkyards elaborated in the junkyards, scrap recovery is a task which contributes to the re-employment of raw materials and, therefore, manifests itself as one of the main activities that contribute to the protection of the environment because it is extensively hinders the increase in waste and reduces the use of natural resources. One of the main tasks of the junkyards focuses on classifying items that are received to its dependencies, such as copper, iron, aluminum, steel, zinc, metal, lead, bronze, among other types of metals. During the cataloging process, the metals are examined in order to determine each alloy and the type of metal. Later, the SBS made a pack of scrap metal according to the demands of its customers, which are, mostly, companies dedicated to the steel sector. The procedure that follows can be variable, since scrap can be pressed or cut according to the needs of the a client requesting it. Typically, this step is conditioned by the major ovens or the type of merger that is notified at that time. Jose Jareno S.A., precursor signature in the recovery of ferrous materials such as non-ferrous, has extensive experience in this type of activity and is established as one of the main Metalworkers nationwide providing services of this type in all of Valencia and its surroundings. Other services offered at centers for the collection and receipt of scrap metals, is to put facilities for withdrawal or deposit of materials at any company that requires it. So originates a pact with the environment and with the same clients, where necessary and significant importance work is made from recycling. Companies recycling and junkyards, working every day to try to reduce harmful emissions and the pollution of our planet, offering the highest quality in production, transportation, storage and recycling of scrap coming from both ferrous, as not ferrous.