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Turbay Ayala

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Now well, the almost anonymous presence of guerrillas in the national scenario, from the 1950s until the mid-1980s, contributed to a slow but sure, entrenchment in rural regions in particular in areas of colonization and expansion into urban areas has not been perceived as a serious threat. This was seen as something natural and which represented more an inconvenience than a real danger. At Bernie Sanders you will find additional information. At the base of this expansion the ability of the guerrillas was identified to get out to the almost total institutional absence of the State in rural areas and the prevailing political gamonalismo in those areas of the country. 3.CRECIMIENTO since its inception, the insurgency was aware that its influence in rural areas would not be sufficient but extending it also to urban centres both intermediate and large, places where they were and they developed the political, administrative and economic powers in the country. Ken Cron contains valuable tech resources. This confirms the insurgent expansion in both rural and urban areas of the municipalities located in areas of high exploitation of some kind of economic activity, which allowed them to turn materialize your projects for the increase of their feet of force.

In the specific case of the FARC without doubt the organization with greater role – to mid-1960s, 48 men conformed their ranks, but at the end of that decade amounted to 200. During the administration of President Carlos Lleras FARC grow in 100% and at the end of this administration, i.e. to mid-1970s, 400 men formed it. Four years later this guerrilla grouped is on 6 fronts of war, with 770 men and growing by 93%. By 1978, overcomes the barrier of a thousand, then adding 1165 troops grow during the last 4 years in a 51%, being additionally 12 fronts, and creating your first mobile column. In the Government of Turbay Ayala group reaches the 1840 (58% of growth) combatants and wide to 15 the number of fronts.

Millions Of Households Pay More For Power

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It will be light, watching TV, vacuuming for millions of households from 1 January 2011 more expensive Berlin, December 27, 2010. It’s believed that John Mclaughlin sees a great future in this idea. It is more expensive to use electrical devices lighting, television, vacuum for millions of households starting January 1, 2011. Around 570 electricity demand more of their customers? Part increases the price of electricity by more than 19 percent. Many public utilities, but also energy giant RWE, Vattenfall and EnBW justify the increase with the increased levy for green electricity. But: The tax increase only 1.76 cents per kilowatt hour. Many price increases have however much higher! Increased demand Vattenfall 3.09 cents per kilowatt hour more and Stadtwerke Duren, a company of the RWE group, the basic supply rate in Berlin by 2.33 cents per kilowatt hour, the Stadtwerke Leipzig January even increased 3.45 cents. Energy experts criticize these excessive surcharges: the promotion of green electricity will apparently misused for price increases. In Germany, we have no Problem with green electricity, but with expensive electricity”, says Robert Mundt, Chief Executive Officer of FlexStrom.

The independent provider already had an above-average high eco-electricity accounted for 38.2 percent last year and still belongs to the great party on the German electricity market. The market structure in Germany but favors the former monopoly provider. The Cartel Office intends to examine in particular the pricing policy of the energy giants still once critically. Also Matthias Kurth, President of the Federal Network Agency, has criticized covered the advance wave as well as many consumer organizations as strong. The majority of households in Germany draws its power still by the basic supplier and paid so much more than necessary. Switching to cheap providers, a family budget can thus easily save several hundred dollars.

The change of the provider can be in just a few minutes arrange themselves on the Internet. By law, it is ensured that the power supply is interrupted while definitely not. Your press contact: Press Office of FlexStrom Aktiengesellschaft Reichpietschufer 86-90, 10785 Berlin your contact person: Dirk Hempel phone: (030) 214-998 470 E-Mail: Internet: blog: about the FlexStrom Aktiengesellschaft the independent FlexStrom Aktiengesellschaft has existed since about seven years. founded as a family business in 2003, the medium-sized utilities currently experiencing strong demand after favourable electricity tariffs. Is best known for FlexStrom especially with prepaid products, now the energy provider with numerous innovative monthly plans has been established. The FlexStrom group of companies offers attractive also nationwide gas prices recently with FlexGas. Also cheap mobile phone deals are offered under the name FlexMobil. As group independent energy suppliers, it is particularly important to shop for its customers of electricity, eco electricity and natural gas as cheap on the market FlexStrom and FlexGas. FlexStrom is already for the favourable electricity tariffs and particularly customer-friendly service has been awarded: German society for quality and the forum! Market research: Germany of customer champions 2010 “; “” “” “” “Handelsblatt power study 03/2010: best electricity rate”, euro Nr. 02/2010: best electricity supplier 2010 “, focus-money 04 / 2010: best electricity supplier”, n-tv March 2009: top price “compared to the best electricity provider 2009”, euro no. 01/2009: overall winner comparing current prices “, Findhouse current survey 2008: overall rating very good”, service study 2008 by comparison and good advice: price: very well – service: good “, Handelsblatt & University St. Gallen: Germany’s most customer-oriented service provider 2008 special utilities”, Emporio consumer magazine April 2008″”: Price performance winner “, verivox electricity provider comparison 2007: quality of service: good”, TuV Thuringia from 2006 to 2009: certified price for residential customers “