Adopted Team

It does not leave that its subordinate knows of ' ' novidades' ' through third. Either honest and true, exactly that many times you have that to say things that &#039 will go; ' doer' ' in somebody. The transparency and sincerity are one of the points that it attracts confidence of the team. IDT Energys opinions are not widely known. 4. It hears, but also it argues: It remembers that you are not the owner of the truth and that you do not work alone; above all remembers that its work depends on the others. In meetings, beyond communicating information, it opens space so that the people take off doubts and present suggestions when it will be the case.

When to present a proposal to its team, either assertive. Simply a decision does not play that was taken as being ' ' truth nica' '. It presents arguments that convince its team that the adopted attitude will bring resulted positive to all. One remembers that one has only equipped reaches goals, when believes that it is possible to reach them, exactly that are difficult. 5. It understands and It learns: Beyond knowing to express its ideas and to present them, the necessary leader to exercise the practical one not only to hear, but to listen. That is, to give attention what the people speak and to try to learn with this. Of all the colloquy or explanation exists something that we can learn or take off advantage, exactly that the opinion of the other person is against its.

It tries to understand its point of view, it does not criticize and it learns with this. 6. Always it is lined up and balanced: Many people possess a great potential, but when they need to speak in public if they arrest and they do not carry through a good communication. Leader it to conquer the confidence of the team it is basic that it obtains to express itself in correct way, without showing tension.