Australian Teacher In Peru

I am Cinthia – Professor, I’ll be here every week to share with you my comments. I lived in Lima, Peru when she was little, I remember much of this time but then my parents decided to embark on the adventure of his life with us (3 brothers from 12.14 to 15 years) to Australia, a very different country. At least I thought when it comes, my parents were quite alone in Sydney, must have been difficult for them because they had no knowledge and with 3 children.In this time the Australian government received with open hands to large families as needed to increase the number of inhabitants (30 years ago) – very different now that take the luxury of choosing to let in and who prefer talented professionals with extensive experience working . Whenever I stray from the main issues when I start to write, is that my mom is a teacher too, was not mere chance that I do too, although she does not write much.Maybe I want to tell some cultural differences, techniques, etc. I’ve seen through my manyyears of experience in Australia and Peru, also many of my students and friends in Peru who are now planning to travel or live in Australia or believe they have no idea that customs are from Peru is the same there and presume them to be equal-equal “when there is a culture totally different way of thinking and doing that Australia not only cosas.Recuerden this 22horas away from Peru but also is almost another this continent and geographically more Asia-Pacific according to America or they are influenced by the U.S.. If you travel to Australia, the first impression upon arrival is to see everything differently, people, city buildings, the way to manage demand, language, climate, etc.. How easy is to find someone who speaks Spanish Just think that the largest foreign communities are Greek, British and Vietnamese.In each city they live will be difficult to find a person who can ayudar.Considero my seems that only people in Peru are open, expressive and affordable opposite of the English-Australian culture is certain that after living there for a some Peruvians time accepting change. This is not to say that Australians are not accessible or bad at heart, not help you, otherwise I affirm the inherent cultural and social difference between Peru and Australia. While Australians are loess and society by some expressive language, loving, affectionate, and above all, serious, especially with new people who do not know. We Peruvians are quite the opposite, jokes, coachs, sluggishly, we make the speech at all no matter who. These differences in character and personality are very important for anyone planning to travel this Peruvian and live there.It is better, understand and accept it even if you live in Australia for 20.30 or 40 years you can not change their lifestyle, their culture. That is why when you first arrive in Australia (was 14) I found everything very nice, interesting, new, but as the years passed and I was adjusted, was born in me the desire to question everything around me.Why things were done well Because having to accept everything, because it was better to live in Australia than in Peru … My parents kept telling me that if questions were better, which to them had worked, I had to accept it because life would live there and it was better adapt beyond! . Website: