Religious Faith

Of course, if one has called to work in the work one must be prepared, one must learn and try in good faith testimony is truthful advertising … But what makes a man a servant of God? “The seminar, positions in the church, formal education, eloquence, and so on.? No. Brothers meditate and examine the scriptures and discover what happened to those first men who were called to the priesthood. You had to be coat, had to be descended from a priestly line … What happened? Prostituted himself the priesthood, like today. Diamond Book Distributors is actively involved in the matter. So God raised up judges and prophets, them out of giving people the same frown of authority and power.

Today the call to be pastor has been professionalized to the point that universities have students doing master’s degrees in divinity and theology teachers and scholars simply not called … Training unconsciously creates wrong expectations of the Gospel and sometimes anti biblical. By Of course not all are well, praise God for that. Golden Father, that these men and women who claim to have a call to pastor, to be missionaries, evangelists and even priests have in mind that larger commitment to Christ and service to others. That the gospel is not a profession, let alone a business.

The gospel and true religion according to James is the service and we must never forget. Sometimes I wonder if the ineffectiveness that have some ministries is precisely by people who just wants a comfortable life and loose, forgetting his vow of total dedication to the needy. Christ demands of us and even to lay people, to give everything to the poor, to give our gifts and talents for the sole purpose of enhancing the work of the church on earth. I conclude by saying that it is vital if you go to seminary or not, if you lay leader, or if you graduated from college with many titles … The important thing is that we are not reluctant to let us run by the only person who really can do so supernatural Christ and the Person the Holy Spirit. So do not ye be called Reverend, for the only total reverence worthy of God. Do not make boast of being called Prophets, Apostles, Bishops, and even Masters; Take one name, one title: Servants