Automation Systems

Postmietleitungen be terminated by Telekom! The control and automation systems are often connected via one or more serial ports via leased line modems. The cable modem through a wireless modem can be replace without much effort for the control. A radio modem from the Profiline family (RACOM MR400) can be equipped with up to 3 serial interfaces. The distances are about 20 km in the licensed wireless with 6W power according to the topographic characteristics of the site. The cost of the license issued to 10 years by the Bundesnetzagentur (BNA) is less than 15 euros, municipal and public users can apply for a fee waiver for even more per station and per year.

The savings in running costs due to the Elimination of rent for the leased lines can be several thousand euros a year. Due to these savings, a return of investment (ROI) can be reached from 1-2 often years. Then, the user effectively saves costs. These savings will cause many users, to consider a modernization of the control technology at the same time. The migration of serial communication here on TCP/IP in the foreground. The wireless router Profiline MR400 offer even an Ethernet port per modem in addition to the serial interfaces. With proper selection of the radio modem, a “soft migration” can be here if the existing control system allows for the gradual renewal of the individual stations.

It is important in this context that there must be an alternative solution for the leased lines within the cancellation period. Therefore the Degetel data radio GmbH offers radio illumination on the spot, based on the new data network infrastructure is planned and built. Since all Profiline radio modems are compatible with each other, also combinations of serial and IP can run communication over the same data network. In addition the user see often prompted to think about the new connection of other stations. Bernd Klimek, Degetel data wireless GmbH