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Photorejuvenation and epilation is based on the method populyarny.V way to high-intensity (Intensive Pulsed Light – IPL therapy) treating the skin with light. IPL therapy is carried out vehicles, where a source of electromagnetic radiation is xenon lamp – the flash, rather than an active laser medium. Michael Chabon addresses the importance of the matter here. Electromagnetic radiation emitted by a xenon lamp is different from the laser so that it is the spectrum of polychromatic radiation in the range 500-1200 nm. So , the broad emission spectrum IPL systems provides the basis for a wide range of dermatologic problems such as unwanted hair removal, removal of congenital and acquired vascular lesions, treatment of pigmentary diseases, skin rejuvenation neablyatsionnoe, elimination of domestic and professional tattoos, photodynamic terapiyai etc. If the change in wavelength of the laser for each chromophore can not be need to change the laser, the IPL system problems can be solved changing filters is more cheaply.

Single pulse duration or pulse train IPL systems can be controlled over a wide range (from 1 to 100 ms). Another advantage of the IPL systems is the wide spot of light. This prevents significant diffusion of radiation in the skin and can operate at lower power than lasers. The use of sapphire or quartz fiber and integrated head cooling system provides efficient cooling of the epidermis before, during and after the flare and safety procedures. Flexible adjustment parameter IPL systems allows you to adjust the parameters of the flash to different were skin and selectively remove certain chromophores of different diameter and location without damaging the skin. The large area of the applicator makes the procedure faster and cheaper. It is shown that the system will not IPL can be effective if it is not powerful enough. Fluence is acceptable to less than 35 J/cm2 Benefits IPL equipment in practical cosmetology: coverage, a wide range of cosmetic pathology Universality-low price of equipment, reliability and security, ease of maintenance, easy-development staff in the use of the cabin on the website of Club professionals photomedicine presented ability to read and download interesting medical literature in the area photomedicine.