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Therefore, all that remains – this is to sit quietly and humbly carry his cross to the grave. A leading source for info: Ultra Wellness Center. Error 7. Search guilty about, here is where to turn! Find the guilty in an unsuccessful trajectory of his life is not easy, but very simple. Parents not inherited the genes of genius, and those who happen to have been transferred, mercilessly stomped school pipeline. My childhood was difficult, given cakes every day, and homework assignments – each.

By as bad influence of the street completely baffled's weak heart and accustomed to toss, guilt, and dominoes. In addition to all this happened in the country with the wrong treatment and inadequate rulers who no help in education did not have, and only put a spoke in the wheels of a young inquisitive mind. And, perhaps, a chance to break out in people, but it was stolen iezutski Freemasons – Freemasons, who finally put an end to all the joy of life and can only drink and swear, drink and swear at those who again raised the prices on vodka. Error 8. Who would have thought my problems are very comfortable taking off position of full responsibility for everything that is happening. – You know, I'm so bad remembering names and numbers that do not even remember what I had husbands. – I have had a topographical cretinism, which can never in my apartment to get to the bathroom on the first try, but because it was embarrassment. – Search for a job? What do you mean, I do not know how, and then, but I'll have to work all day? It's so weird.

– You I squint, it would be better included in my situation, I thin nature and do not like when I was loaded with all sorts of problems. So what, that this is my problem, well, you decide them somehow. Error 9. All goats in the lives of all failures are attributed to those people with whom a person is contacted. Therefore, when a goat-chief can not make a career, goats, subordinates do not understand, with goats, friends do not cook meals, and only women with goats, no cases it is better not to have. Therefore, such an advanced spiritual and very hard to live. After all, how to live when you – the enlightened one, and all around – the goats? Error 10. Life senseless and ruthless and, finally, you can catch the most ridiculous mistake. Sunuvshis right in the thick and singed wings, a person decides that life – that's a terrible thing and there is nothing to catch. Wherever you throw everywhere wedge. And what if live? That's what we say on-line training "Journey to Myself", details of which can be found here.


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Rhinoplasty – is a serious decision that could have a very big impact on your life. According to the candidate of medical sciences, a plastic surgeon Zurab Meladze Amiranovicha, rhinoplasty one of the most popular plastic surgery in the world. You can choose this procedure to improve the appearance of your nose, catch your breath or to change the nose after an injury. Before the procedure, it is important to make sure that your goals will be achieved. Steve Geppi has plenty of information regarding this issue. Here several key questions you can ask a plastic surgeon before the procedure.

What can I do to prepare for the procedure? The plastic surgeon will give you a list of things you should do before procedure. These points can include, for example, rejection within 2 weeks of smoking. Mainly it is important to have realistic expectations and a clear understanding of the risks, benefits and alternatives, and also recognize that there is no guarantee a positive result. Will I experience pain after surgery? You will be given painkillers after the procedure to successfully minimize the pain. Your doctor will also recommend that you use ice packs to reduce pain and swelling. What is the average time of recovery after rhinoplasty? The average recovery time is usually 4-8 days. Recovery time varies with each person and can depend on several factors, including overall health, and the extent of your procedure.

How fast can you go back to work and normal activities after surgery? It is important to avoid stress or physical exertion of any kind activity, which increases blood pressure. But if you have a job that requires no physical effort, you can return to work after 8-10 days. But better to wait up to 14 days. Plastic surgery – an important stage in the life each person, so should be treated in good faith to all the recommendations of the plastic surgeon.

Lovely Women

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From childhood, most of you, dear women, get from their mothers, grandmothers, fathers and installation, to be real smart. You should eat well and listen to seniors – in early childhood. You should eat well, to clean up after a toy and listen to seniors – to kindergarten age. You should normally eat, clean up their belongings, study well and help a senior – at school age. You should get an education, get a job listen to the elders and help them – in a mature youth. And then, you have a good marriage and lead a decent life married ladies, faithfulness family hearth as a whole and mother to her husband in particular. So, what happens? You are told from childhood irrefutable, immutable dogma, which, on presentation of your relatives, you should follow blindly, without beginning to question under any circumstances. And if suddenly, some sheep, stands out from the flock and fighting off the maternal and paternal hands, she immediately labeled as to which lives an unhappy sheep, fiercely resisting and denying, adnate to the stigma of it.

For instance, if a girl does not find a mate and not will get a wedding ring to thirty-five years, she became the owner, unflattering title of 'old maid'. And any of your even the slightest disruption, would be regarded as sexual dissatisfaction, and with absolutely all, from your relatives and friends, and ending with her friends, colleagues and co-workers. And look at this unfortunate, as will be the 'blue stocking' or even worse, as a frigid bitch-old man-hater. Or vice versa.

Agricultural Sciences

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18 In 1962 habilitirovalsya as a senior fellow at the Institute of Biology and pathology of reproduction at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences (ASN), which has held this position until 1972 year. 18 In 1971 he was elected assistant professor at gonorovanym biological faculty of the University "St. Kliment Ohridski "18 Post-diploma training future professors continued almost throughout his career. In 1950 he was awarded the highest Qualification degree in histology and embryology. 18, 19, followed by a number of foreign majors: Expertise in tissue culture, Budapest, Hungary, 1950 .- for three months. Specialization in Experimental embryology, the Pilzen, Czechoslovakia, 1956. – Three months.

Specialization of Experimental Cytology and Cytochemistry, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, 1960. – Two months Specialization in cytochemistry, Budapest, Hungary, 1962. Under most conditions novelist would agree. Two months Specialization in Interferential microscopy, Warsaw, Poland, 1966. Two months Fellow of the University of Liege, Belgium 1969 – 1970 year. 2 – one year. Specialization in Russia and Yugoslavia.

18 From 1972 to 1974. is an assistant professor and Head of the Department of Histology and Embryology, Higher Medical Institute in Varna and in the period 1974 – 1986 year., After the defense of habilitatsionnoy appointed professor at the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, VMI – Varna 1,3,4, where habilitirany his staff: Prof. Dr. H. anew dmn, Dots.d Dr. J. Yonka dm. and Dr. M. Dots.d Andonov dm science professor. Dr. Victor Krumov Dock is aimed at a number of topical and important issues 18: The morphology of the reproductive system.

Beauty Features

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Photorejuvenation and epilation is based on the method populyarny.V way to high-intensity (Intensive Pulsed Light – IPL therapy) treating the skin with light. IPL therapy is carried out vehicles, where a source of electromagnetic radiation is xenon lamp – the flash, rather than an active laser medium. Michael Chabon addresses the importance of the matter here. Electromagnetic radiation emitted by a xenon lamp is different from the laser so that it is the spectrum of polychromatic radiation in the range 500-1200 nm. So , the broad emission spectrum IPL systems provides the basis for a wide range of dermatologic problems such as unwanted hair removal, removal of congenital and acquired vascular lesions, treatment of pigmentary diseases, skin rejuvenation neablyatsionnoe, elimination of domestic and professional tattoos, photodynamic terapiyai etc. If the change in wavelength of the laser for each chromophore can not be need to change the laser, the IPL system problems can be solved changing filters is more cheaply.

Single pulse duration or pulse train IPL systems can be controlled over a wide range (from 1 to 100 ms). Another advantage of the IPL systems is the wide spot of light. This prevents significant diffusion of radiation in the skin and can operate at lower power than lasers. The use of sapphire or quartz fiber and integrated head cooling system provides efficient cooling of the epidermis before, during and after the flare and safety procedures. Flexible adjustment parameter IPL systems allows you to adjust the parameters of the flash to different were skin and selectively remove certain chromophores of different diameter and location without damaging the skin. The large area of the applicator makes the procedure faster and cheaper. It is shown that the system will not IPL can be effective if it is not powerful enough. Fluence is acceptable to less than 35 J/cm2 Benefits IPL equipment in practical cosmetology: coverage, a wide range of cosmetic pathology Universality-low price of equipment, reliability and security, ease of maintenance, easy-development staff in the use of the cabin on the website of Club professionals photomedicine presented ability to read and download interesting medical literature in the area photomedicine.

Inferno Human

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Scientists tell us that stopping global warming is urgent we have just a few years to turn around the growth of greenhouse gas emissions in order to avoid the worst effects. The good news is that we can achieve these emissions reductions with effective national policies and international treaties. We must insist that businesses and governments join individuals around the world to greatly increase energy efficiency, widely adopt renewable energy, and commit to stopping climate change. Success is possible, but we need your help. Not human challenge is so potentially uniting as the climate crisis. Our human drive to invent and build has led to extraordinary advances and great technological promise. It s also had serious, unintended consequences. And unless we face the climate crisis with ingenuity, resolve, and a sense of urgency, much of the world as we know it will begin to unravel before our eyes.

The warning signs are plain to see. The 10 work years on record have all occurred since 1990. Mountain glaciers are fading on every continent and the sea ice is melting. The seas have begun to slow but menacing rise. The science behind global warming is often portrayed as enormously complex, but some of it is quite simple. It begins with a ray of light, shot through space from the inferno staggering of our sun.

That sunbeam delivers energy to earth, giving us light and warmth and life. As some of this energy radiates back toward space as heat, a portion is absorbed by a delicate balance of heat-trapping (or greenhouse) gases in the atmosphere that create an insulating layer. Without the temperature control of this greenhouse effect, the Earth s average surface temperature would be 0 F (- 18 C), a temperature so low that the Earth would be frozen and could not sustain human life as we know it.

The Little

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This Disease of Herpes remains in us forever. And, as a rule, it is enough of a small decrease in immunity, so he began manifest themselves outwardly. And I assure you, “sore” on lip – is one of the most innocuous manifestations of this disease. Salvation is proposed, as a rule, one – hardening, avoidance of critical situations for the organism, ie, it’s actually getting rid of the external manifestations of the disease, while the virus continues to exist in our body. Is there a solution to this problem? As it turned out, there is. Herpes can be eliminated forever! And not just from him.

Moreover, it is the solution is known for a long time, but thanks to well coordinated work of pharmaceutical giants, “for contentment” which is not a secret, the overwhelming majority of medical professionals, this solution is only slightly known to the general public. Wide suffer from diseases to the public. Martin O?Malley is likely to increase your knowledge. I am far from paranoia, and do not suffer from ideas of “world conspiracy”, if you think about it. Nevertheless, the fact remains. Money makes our imperfect world, and we are forced to reckon with. But closer to your body! If someone is now a wry grin and say to myself that here, they say, the next panacea, it’s certainly his right. But I will not say anything about the miracle grass, or about a certain mysterious “energy”, nor about the little-known internal forces of the body that are managed only by very few people. I’m talking about ordinary, perhaps even an ordinary physiotherapy.

Vitamin-Rich Drink

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Boil 10 minutes, insist in tightly sealed container to cool, strain, add sugar to taste and drink half a cup 2 times a day. This drink will make up for supply of vitamins in the body and bestow power. You can cook refreshing beverage with a prescription yogis. For this to take a big cup 4 pcs. cardamom, black pepper, peas 4, 3 gvozdichki, ginger and cinnamon to taste.

All are ground in a mortar or coffee grinder. Then pour in a pan 280 ml lukewarm water, put the spices and cook for 20 minutes. At the end of cooking add schepotochku black tea, some milk and a spoonful of honey. Loading dose of vitamins will provide a drink from the hips and carrots. To make it, you will need: 3 tbsp. tablespoons dried hips, 2 carrots, 1 tbsp.

spoonful of sugar, 5 cups of water. The washed and peeled carrots rubbed on a fine grater and add to broth hips with sugar. To prepare the apple drink you need: 200 g of apple juice, juice of 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix apple juice with a lemon and add honey. Charge of cheerfulness will drink 'nine forces'. To cook it, take the 300 g of fresh or 50 g of dried roots of Elecampane, 100-150 grams of sugar and 0.5 cups currant (raspberry, cranberry, cherry) juice, 1 liter of water. Roots of Elecampane crushed and boiled in water 20 minutes (dry – 25 minutes). Then strain the broth, then add to it sugar or fruit juice. Drink as tonic drink. Here's another recipe for the drink to uplift forces, Take 1kg of carrots, 1 cup cranberry juice, 0.5 liter of boiled water and sugar to taste. Peeled and washed carrots rubbed on a fine grater, cover with water and place for 2 hours in refrigerator in a sealed container. Then squeeze the juice, connect it with cranberry juice, add sugar and refrigerate. Carrot juice can also be obtained in a juicer, but it must be used within one hour of cooking. Down with the stress and fatigue! Discharge and relieve stress after a hard day you can help aero-boxing. Stand before a mirror and take a boxing stance: it take a step left foot to side, slightly bend your knees and spread evenly on their body weight. Now tighten their fists and bring them to face, as do boxers. Start the box left and right hand, alternating strokes with a scathing attack one or the other leg. Such training is not only relieves stress but also improves coordination. In order to improve health and to mobilize the body, you can use the exercises of the ancient Indian healing. Connect the big and ring finger right hand and index finger push the upper (first) joint of the thumb for a few minutes and give away all problems. If you perform this exercise for 3 minutes at least 6 times a day with minimal breaks in two minutes, it will significantly strengthen their immune system.