Builds Bridge Between Project

Holistic resource management considered all work from project and line activities in real time the coordination processes between project and line shape is often difficult and tedious. In particular in the human resources planning, if the project manager asks professionals from the various departments for his project, the question of if and when there are spare capacity in the areas of or employees through their line activities or ongoing projects that they are assigned are already busy often arises. The can do project management software builds a bridge between project and line with the staffer now, by significantly simplifying the coordination process between project and line managers. Live management: Integrated human resources planning with the staffer, which intelligence version 4.4 available is project can do, head of Department and line managers receive a detailed overview of the current utilization of their Department and its employees, whether it is project work or professional activities are in the Department. The staffer leads on all projects, project phases and workpackages, where the staff of the Department, or the Department itself, are already planned. Also, the free capacity of the employees are listed in the tabular overview as well as all personnel requests from projects. Employees are already overloaded, this indicates that planning software according to. On basis of this overview of free, already planned and requested capacity, the line manager can use the personnel requests from the projects.

The staffer offers him a reliable data base to decide how many and which employees he can assign the respective projects. As soon as he has a member of staff to a work package, this will be adjusted in his survey, as well as in the project plan. Here, the line manager may choose the period that should be considered to make his staff assignments for example quarterly.