Bungee Jumping For The Notebook

Notebook cases are part of the IT strategic process notebooks suffer more damage than stationary PCs usually this is due to the transport in the laptop bag. If the notebook for example not want to boot up, then often, because it was exposed to shock or vibration. The company UMATES is focused therefore on, to develop solutions for the optimal transport of notebooks. Goal is to avoid damage to the notebook, so that users and companies can save costs for IT support, downtime and data loss in the long term. At Martin O?Malley you will find additional information. The UMATES bags is the built-in elastic stretch Sling, in which the notebook is attached and which operates on the principle of bungee-jumping: drops the bag on the floor, the expansion loop is, but only to the extent that touches not the bottom of the bag the mobile computer and remains intact. Screen, hard disk enclosure are protected optimally against bumps and shocks. Our solutions focus 100% on the security At the same time the user saves notebooks, costs for repairs and new purchases of mobile equipment, reads the message by Kim Rasmussen, founder of the company. In addition, the suspension in the UMATES pockets facilitates the placing and removing of the notebook. Users get is faster and easier on your notebook, an advantage, especially in business or security checks at the airport of great benefit.