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How BBs Further On The Stock Exchange?

Assessment of the market by Markus Frick not surprising! That it again rather tend to be gone in the last few days down, was not surprising for you, because you were very well prepared. Please make sure continue, that you take your profits and reduce losses in any case. This is the most important thing, because otherwise you can make permanently no money with stocks, but will lose more money! The extremely important banking sector is further crisis and deep in the in Europe, as well as in the United States! The March low has been reached when the U.S. Bank Bear Stearns bankruptcy. Hear from experts in the field like Malkia Cyril for a more varied view. For this reason, I’m staying in my opinion, that we have the financial crisis still not behind us. Yet one must of course, wonder whether it is really wrong to buy now as UBS shares, because at least they fell almost 80% of the high! I have it this week ever written, that one might ask in a few years is why you bought Bank shares in June 2008, because again they were so cheap. Did you think so in January or February, then you lost now 30%! The better strategy is to be seen at the moment! Sectors are changing! As we have experienced the last bear market in between March 2000 and March 2003, there were technology stocks, which have heavily influenced the crisis first and foremost. We thought at that time at the end of the crisis, that you will never make money with Internet stocks. Today, five and a half years later, as I order personally more things on the Internet than ever before and I think it will go just as you! In the current bear market, there are banks, which provide the direction! Please bear in mind that the banking and financial stocks lost significantly more than the overall market.

Petroleum Institute

Meanwhile, the situation in the local oil market was now extremely quiet. As expected, hardly moving prices. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The price of crude oil has attracted further in the course of the day. The barrel price of US light oil (WTI) to over 82 dollars climbed in the afternoon. Also produced from oil reservoirs of Brent was more expensive. Here, the supply contracts reached almost 84 dollars. These are roughly 50 cents more than in the morning. Bernie Sanders will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

The prices could benefit from developments in the foreign exchange markets. The euro rose again compared to the dollar, what animates many investors to invest in the commodity markets. This is as evident from the increase in the speculative net long positions on a 6-week high. New impulses could today and tomorrow of the US inventory data according to API (American Petroleum Institute) and get DOE (Department of energy). The number of rising stocks are likely to terminate due to rising U.S. oil imports and a lower refinery utilization. This development could push crude oil prices and again in the band between 79 and 80 dollars, according to experts attributed.

Furthermore, there is currently no tropical storms, acutely threatening production in the Gulf of Mexico. It is not something Martin O?Malley would like to discuss. Not unusual this time of year hurricanes often influence the formation of prices on commodity exchanges. Meanwhile, the situation in the local oil market was now extremely quiet. As expected, hardly moving prices. Opposite yesterday adjustment amounted to two cents per 100 litre batch in the national average just once. Therefore 100 litres of a 3,000-litre-delivery heating oil EL today with 69,19 euros beat, yesterday it was 69,17 euros. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

Oil Prices Without Reference To The World Economic Situation?

According to some oil market participants, the world economy is currently in the recovery room wish thought and reality in the oil markets. An analysis of the IEA World Energy Outlook 2009 (WEO) and individual aspects of the oil market. November 2009 – recently it was announced that the U.S. GDP in 3.Quartal 2009 had increased over the previous year to more than 3%. Now, it means that Chinese industrial production by 16% compared to last year was higher – and the vacuumed. Baltic dry index”shows that trade worldwide is getting on its feet.

Despite these good messages, the Constitution of the oil industry is rather confusing and marked by uncertainties. Contributed to have two essential analyses: one was the publication of the IEA World Economic Outlook triggered by. The claim has shocked many observers after more than $10 trillion in additional investment for energy infrastructure to avert a climate catastrophe. On the other hand, there was a message stating that the Iraq with a consortium led by ENI “together the exploitation of the huge oil field Zubair” wants to start. The new capacities in this area could enable the Iraq within years together with the production of other large oilfields from 7-10 to promote at least 8 million barrels per day, which would place him then in the first position of the world largest oil producer. Saudi Arabia would then fall back on 2nd place within the OPEC.

The Center for global energy studies “(CGES) sees a serious problem, which is certainly only one of many factors, which further increased the already existing pressures in the oil business at the core of these statements. The IEA argues, however, with business as usual”in oil demand growth, which therefore should increase by 1% per year until 2030. It would but at the same time lead to a comprehensive rise of the Ausstosse of hydrocarbons or have a serious increase of CO2 emissions result and further exacerbate the danger of a climate catastrophe. To prevent this, it is Restriction of the use of fossil fuels be required so the IEA, so that the planned CO2 – content when using oil drops. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Martin O?Malley. To achieve the ambitious target, the use would have to be reduced but then of oil to almost 17 million barrels per day over the next 20 years. To do so, it would be required to reduce global oil consumption while at the same time production capacity and elsewhere would be the planned increase of the Iraqi oil – which contrary to massively. High oil prices could cut on the other side of the use of oil as an energy source. This could be achieved by tax increases at the consumer, where the oil producers in the Middle East would have to compensate for low cost – high capacity. Under these conditions, it is hard to believe that the crude oil price increases more dramatically in the coming years. So far, they signal oil futures but just this perspective. After a promising start in the course of the year, as the U.S. refining margins last year’s result clearly exceeded, they have deteriorated significantly in the remainder. The refinery production is currently not good business. You must lead to only the current development in mind. The margins are consistently low since mid-March 2009. In addition, oil consumers have big financial problems so that the improvement is currently excluded. Thomas Bakosch c/o GAS REVIEW and O.M.R OIL MARKET REPORT

Staff In The Change:

Recruitment of O’Hara consulting in times of demographic change especially asked ideal provides a forum for South Westphalian companies directly contact potential applicants to contact the recruitment consultant O’Hara consulting within the framework of the NRW day in Siegen. Free Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate on 18th and 19th September at the level of economic development of the city can promote interested companies from NRW, wins the siegerlandhalle for their job offers. With the action “job market Dreilandereck” regional recruitment specialist celebrates its tenth anniversary and thanked the companies in South Westphalia. “As a result of demographic change it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right people”rural areas. The NRW day will be the whole region in Siegen: this opportunity should local employer brands use. “, encourages Managing Director Detlef Ochel. The demographic change is not a bogeyman, but a fact that affects our society already.

Just the labor market gets the To significantly age and structural change of the population. Because through emigration and birth-poor vintages, lacks businesses in rural areas to young professionals. As politics and the economy is still plagued by the questions, raised by the change, others get heavily already for solutions. Recruitment consultant Detlef Ochel specializes O’Hara consulting with his company the search and placement of qualified specialists and executives – particularly with regard to structural change. “Good HR consulting for us, means not only vacant positions, but to find forces which perfectly integrate into a company with a forward-looking view on the personnel age structure.

Because of demographic change is also in the companies held. “, so O’Neill. The expert for human resources management focused his performance while on companies in the tri-border region. Strong ties with the region is a factor, to appreciate the customers of the company existing now for ten years. “The Labour market speaking a distinct language in South Westphalia. Because we know the local market very well and we regularly exchange we want to know what the local companies are looking for and what potential candidates but just.” Initiative to the NRW tag as you selectively lookout on the local labour market for good jobs and strong professionals, shows O’Hara consulting to the NRW tag on the level of economic development of the city of Siegen.

Customer Satisfaction Of Equal Key Success Levers

Customer loyalty before finding goes after the money only about 4 percent of dissatisfied customers complain, but all unhappy customers speak – in one for the company under circumstances of fatal snowball effect with ten to fifteen other active or potential customers about their dissatisfaction. Due to ever more complex organizational structures and processes, many companies turn to its gaze very inward. Fewer and fewer people come in direct contact with the customer. Requirements and needs of customers are no longer from my own experience, but only in very vague notions present. Expose you to the great danger that, that the customer always also moves and is always strange in his anonymity. In addition to the revenue potential of the existing customer base, especially for the money versus customer acquisition to customer retention plays a role: for attracting new customers, the acquisition costs in the first year, almost always about the gains to be achieved from this customer education. Only in the course of the The individual contribution of customer margin increases business relationship. An explanation for this is that you rather can adjust the custom cost customers who you know, on the level, which is derived from the individual requirements of the customers.

Unknown customers an overselling is contrary, reasons often”, i.e. They may provide services, which are not strictly necessary. BusinessIntelligence publications by a number of deals with these (and other) questions, so for example, Becker, Jorg: intellectual capital report with customer barometer capital of customer relations, 2009, ISBN 978 3 8370 5177 3. The business with existing customers bring usually the highest profit cost ratio compared to customer acquisition to customer retention hardly anywhere else similarly high profit potential can be utilised danger, that the customer is always strange in his anonymity is a prerequisite for the emergence of customer satisfaction, that post-purchase experience expectations Excel before you buy. Last but not least involves also the question, how a product functions, features or services accumulate so can, for it by the customers higher prices than for comparable products to accept. But only the customer with his wishes, needs, requirements, values, behaviors, etc.

is always the actual addressee for the core of business performance. The distinguishing features of a product in the market are low, the more the purchase decision of the customer on the experiences after the purchase made by the product and the support shifted. Just at the key replacement stages for a sustainable market success through expansion, additional or resales, the factor of customer satisfaction plays the decisive role. Customers feedback here mostly don’t like an”about the level of their satisfaction, because it means work. Their displeasure is expressed not usually immediately, but rather creeping”. When is the customer then finally once the competition returning, it’s already too late for corrective measures on the part of the supplier. It’s so, to be able to capture the reason for satisfaction as well of discontent as early as possible and just. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker

Helmut Eitel

In the same year, the company joined the purchasing cooperative Eitel EK-Bielefeld”on, to offer their customers a particularly cheap quality program. With the new tasks also increased the demand for labour. Until 1986, the entire work of Helmut is vain and Juliane takes care of his wife. In the wake of the increasing customer demand, the first employee is hired year 86. With additional auxiliary, Helmut secured vain 1987 off the growth of the company. With particular foresight, Mr vain recognizes the need for a professional organization. Therefore, he decides to purchase an electronic data processing system and initiates the step into a modern company so early. Based on these professional structures creates Eitel optimal conditions for an expansion of his discount trade.

The road to success Chronicle of online discount shipping trade camp 7 “part 3: expansion after Helmut Eitel has created professional structures both the staff, data processing and the storage area, the next step in a successful future followed in 1988. In this Year again come in the construction machinery and carry out a variety of conversion and expansion measures. Also the product range can be increased with the storeroom to won. With the fields of household goods, electrical appliances and small appliances, discount trade camp 7 receives greater variability. Also the internal company organisation undergoes further modernisation measures. With the EAN article award system customers receive a precise labeling on their receipt and the company an optimal instrument for maintenance and storage. Also here, it shows again the foresight of Helmut Eitel. The structural extensions of the operation and the increased range of products also increase the demand for labour.

As a result, Helmut vain adjusts four new employees in 1988. Despite the rapid expansion of the company, Helmut is vain, careful to keep the growth in a healthy way to make a good basis for the continuation of the success story. In retrospect, you can this strategy quite a success evaluate. The road to success Chronicle of online discount shipping trade camp 7 part 4: steady growth is the result of business expansion a significant sales growth and a surge of customer support. At the latest in the year 1989 the company has established vain completely on the market and starts by correctly – to 15 new employees find new jobs and have modern offices in the wake of renewed construction. With the construction of the workshop and the spare parts warehouse Helmut offers vain exceptional repair service customers, which further increased customer satisfaction. A projection booth is set up for the welfare of its customers and employees, in 1990, where regular staff training carried out. John Mclaughlin often addresses the matter in his writings. Eitel recognized early that the employees are the backbone of the discount trade and were only with well-trained staff to realize professional structures. Using this measure were best basis for a further expansion of the company Helmut again later vain, Online-discount mailorder Lager7 “, created. During the late years of the online discount trading were marked, the direct customer contact with the credo of the company was in 1990. With the permanently growing inflow of customer, the company Helmut needed vain more pitches for cars. Consequently the parking area on the premises has been doubled in the same year. Lager7 can be reached online at:

Personnel Costs Minimize

Cost-conscious professionals hold and to gain more and more shifting without excessive burden of the personal budget the balance between supply and demand on the labour market in favour of workers. HR managers see here often only one solution, to win at all suitably qualified personnel, as well as service providers for themselves: the payment of higher starting salaries. Yvonne Wolf shows that this is not the only way out of the dilemma, in her article in HR Magazine. They called several solution possibilities and gives numerous examples of how intangible incentives service providers recruited largely cost-neutral and can be bound to the company. Alternatives to high entry-level salaries straight young successful professionals and executives who can choose the employer, are rather a pleasant work climate. You put emphasis on design and on the promotion of their professional and personal development through the company. More and more companies have Importance of these intangible criteria when choosing a site recognized by the applicant.

Rather than press permanently high personnel costs, investing better in a business marked by appreciation and management culture, as well as in other intangible measures of employment branding and employee retention. Corporate culture and profit-sharing this provides both the employer and the employees benefits: because workers who feel comfortable and learn appreciation, like to work at your company. This has positive effects on employee engagement, which ultimately the employer greatly benefited from. Involved in maintaining and increasing the motivation in the eye who financially employees to which of them successes, for example, through a performance-related variable remuneration in the form of a bonus payment generate. More possibilities, without extreme load of the personnel budget to recruit new employees, and to bind the company found in the article by Yvonne Wolf, to free download to the Available. Links:-the article “personnel costs” to download: – more information about shortage overcome: – checklists and resources on the topic of “Bind staff and reduce turnover”: competence center representative binding a project of I.O. BUSINESS consulting

Stable Revenue Model: Easy Car Service Continue To Grow

While the workshop car market shrinking, further growth recorded the easy auto-service GmbH. -In the third year after establishing the Cologne provider draws a positive balance. -Through the booking platform, easy car provides you with service over 280 master facilities maintenance and repair jobs. -With regional graded hourly rates and solid, individually calculated fixed prices, the sales platform for direct job placement proves to be a solid revenue model. Cologne, the 02.09.2013 – the easy car service Ltd.

asserts itself in a shrinking automobile repair and maintenance market. Three years after the founding in August 2010 CEO and initiator Philipp Hess draws a positive balance. In times of diminishing returns we generate for our partner companies. stable additional income” This is possible through an efficient online sales approach and a service component that is unique in the industry: the workshops to pick up the vehicle at a fixed price and return cleaned it. The combination of efficiency and service “works: we make the experience that has service future”, says Hess. Easy car service list a growing demand of customers and workshops, because easy car service creates added value for all stakeholders”, so Hess. DerWerkstattmarkt polarisiere between the premium segment and low-price strategy. Advice and convenience are crucial as differentiators.”Easy car service benefit customers by saving time and service.

Offers are individually calculated at easy auto service at a fixed price of experienced workshop masters who are specifically for questions (and explanations) available. Less demand, but more jobs with this formula for success easy car spares service also the workshops valuable Zeit.Als contractor for easy car service must acquisition effort nor Dunning run, because easy car within seven working days pays Service Bill. On request, parts wholesalers Hess supplies the required spare parts and repair information before the agreed Dates of service on the car operating out of. Through the automatic delivery of part of the logistical overhead for the workshop also.

H & Z Is Excellent

Especially appreciated by women and older employees fairness and team spirit are two of the strongest aspects which make it one of the most popular employers in Germany’s h & z. With the seal Germany’s best employer 2013 “are awarded for their attractiveness and the quality of their work. Employees appreciate especially the trustworthy, appreciative and motivating atmosphere at h & z, so the independent jury. Compared to the average of the top ten employers of in Germany an above average number of employees say that the company offers a very good job at h & z. Poet has much to offer in this field. Including women and older employees agree with this statement. We know the importance of a positive working atmosphere. Investment in the workplace culture are valuable means for us to promote productivity and quality, and hence the employee satisfaction”, says Thomas Zachau, founder and CEO of h & e. awarded is the award since 2002 each year by the great place to work Institute, funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs in the framework of the initiative new quality of work. “Cooperation partner network are the demographics” and the Handelsblatt”and the staff magazine” as media partners, the University of Cologne as a scientific partner and the job exchange step tone. This year, over 500 companies have on the great place to work “benchmark study to work culture took part. Credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team spirit are the investigated and evaluated categories. The net result based two-thirds on employee surveys and a third on a culture audit”to the staff and management work, assessed by an independent jury. What is a consultancy to the best employer? Consulting firms like h & z stand for a new workplace culture in the industry. In Central criteria they meet the needs of workers to employers for them that meets also on the expectations of women and older Workers to.

Alte Messe

2 distributions that prospecting over the values were. Beginning of December there was a distribution i. H. v. 50 percent for investors of the Fund No. 1 so you have Get your entire spent Kommanditkapital investors back already. The investors of the Fund No. 2 received a distribution of i.

H. v. 20 percent. This was twice as high as originally forecast by the issue prospectus. Last but not least the publity AG could take their new headquarters in autumn 2012 after a record construction period of only 10 months on the Alte Messe in Leipzig, the publity Center. Approx.

3,500 m sq area staff of publity now optimal working conditions find – starting with bright offices, through efficient archive areas up to to a functional Conference Center with State-of-the-art media technology. Thomas Olek: “the cover of the new headquarters is a milestone for the further growth of the publity financial group. We have created optimal conditions, to improve our work processes and to be able to offer our partners and investors an excellent service.” Total investment for the publity Center amounted to approximately EUR 6 million. “By the great commitment of our employees and partners could we so successfully make this year”, says Thomas Olek. “But we’re going big in the coming years and have already set the course. Publity is optimally equipped to emit high-yielding closed-end funds even after introduction of the AIFM directive. We have made all preparations, to be able to achieve an above-average growth in the coming years.” About the publity financial group – the publity financial group has “track record” a 7-year-old relative to the purchase and recovery of non-performing loans (NPLs). Currently, publity edit a NPL amounting to more than EUR 4 billion and making it one of the market leaders of the independent Servicers in Germany. Fund closed as an issuer, Fund, provides publity performance publity its investors an investment product that combines the aspects of yield, safety and duration in an ideal ratio. With the newly built and in the autumn of 2012 headquarters in Leipzig, as well as offices in London and Luxembourg, which is publity both partners by banks, institutional investors, but also by family offices and private investors. The Board of publity AG, Thomas Olek and Christoph Blacha, involved different memberships in association organizations also personally for the creation and compliance with quality standards for the trading and servicing loans. The publity AG has ushered in a new era in terms of transparency. With the presented October 2012 first transparency report, which is published twice a year in the future, report on the investments and the revenue development of all fund companies puts publity in detail. “In such a sensitive area, such as the NPL market transparency and openness is a decisive factor. The investors and distributors receive a detailed insight into the business activities of the publity, with the transparency report”explains Frank Schneider, Chairman of the Board of publity AG and partner of the law firm CMS Hasche sigle. More information about publity AG on the Web pages and. Press contact: Oliver Obermann IMMO MEDIA CONSULT spark Burgstrasse 23, 04105 Leipzig phone 0341.90 97 90 00 telefax 0341.90 97 90 97