Climate Change


Currently, the rate of climate change ahead of all previous predictions. The Arctic does not reflect, and absorb heat, and ice melts, accelerating global warming. Ban Ki-moon stressed that inaction in this situation is impossible and called on States to expedite negotiations on a new climate change agreement. The Secretary-General called on States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take course to a green economy. Biofuels from watermelons U.S. researchers suggest using discarded because of cosmetic defects watermelons for the production of biofuels – fuels on the basis of alcohols from natural sources, which for the sake of reducing emissions are trying to replace gasoline. Juice discarded watermelons, which account for about 20%, is a source of readily fermentable sugars, which is still Unused stock for ethanol production for biofuels.

Scientists' calculations showed that the manufacturing process which would give 0.4 grams of ethyl alcohol from 1 gram of sugar per hectare plantation can 'collect' 220 liters of ethanol. Over the boreal forest looming environmental threat of taiga forests, which account for approximately one-third of the world's forests are in ecological danger. Taiga, which covers large areas of Russia, Canada, and the Scandinavian countries and plays an important role in bridging the greenhouse effect and global warming is now rapidly declining and degrading in its composition. If you previously at the taiga because of its located in the harsh climatic conditions did not affect the human influence, but now due to increased human needs taiga forests are cut down mercilessly.