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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Will Be Reduced ?

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75 countries worldwide pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In Russia, the Days of Protection of Lake Baikal. Renewable energy and biofuels are gaining in popularity. Plastic bags threaten the environment in Brazil. The pace of deforestation has slowed for the first time in history. Date of the Week: International Day for the birds. Photofact week: Competition songbirds. Overview of events for the week of 29/03/2010 to 04/04/2010.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions pledged 75 countries Total 75 participating countries the un Framework Convention on Climate Change have committed themselves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. It should be noted that these 75 countries account for 80 percent of all greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Simultaneously, 111 countries and the European Union ‘expressed support for the Copenhagen agreement. ” The Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer convention noted that the commitment is an important step towards achieving the goal of limit the growth of emissions. Negotiation of States Parties in Copenhagen, which ended in December last year, have not led to the emergence of a new instrument to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. The next round of climate negotiations scheduled for late May and be held in Bonn. The task of developing a mechanism of cooperation of countries to fulfill the obligations of these countries to reduce emissions will addressed at the next meeting of States Parties at the end of the year in Mexico. Meanwhile, in our country, Sberbank of Russia started the procedure of examining applications made to the competition of investment projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.

Climate Change

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Currently, the rate of climate change ahead of all previous predictions. The Arctic does not reflect, and absorb heat, and ice melts, accelerating global warming. Ban Ki-moon stressed that inaction in this situation is impossible and called on States to expedite negotiations on a new climate change agreement. The Secretary-General called on States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take course to a green economy. Biofuels from watermelons U.S. researchers suggest using discarded because of cosmetic defects watermelons for the production of biofuels – fuels on the basis of alcohols from natural sources, which for the sake of reducing emissions are trying to replace gasoline. Juice discarded watermelons, which account for about 20%, is a source of readily fermentable sugars, which is still Unused stock for ethanol production for biofuels.

Scientists' calculations showed that the manufacturing process which would give 0.4 grams of ethyl alcohol from 1 gram of sugar per hectare plantation can 'collect' 220 liters of ethanol. Over the boreal forest looming environmental threat of taiga forests, which account for approximately one-third of the world's forests are in ecological danger. Taiga, which covers large areas of Russia, Canada, and the Scandinavian countries and plays an important role in bridging the greenhouse effect and global warming is now rapidly declining and degrading in its composition. If you previously at the taiga because of its located in the harsh climatic conditions did not affect the human influence, but now due to increased human needs taiga forests are cut down mercilessly.

World Climate Conference

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At Moscow’s rooftops appear lawns. Cruise ‘Worlds’ Baikal’ completed. Bernie Sanders may also support this cause. Summer is over: the swifts fly. eu News: greenhouse gases, light bulbs and a new standard for cars. What will climate change on the planet. Biofuels from watermelons. Over the boreal forest looming environmental threat.

Astronomers have found the dry, cool and windless place on Earth. Scientists have identified the most unhealthy places in the city. Global warming may be replaced by global cooling. In 2010 will be a new ‘environmental’ domain. Eco. Overview of events for two weeks from 24/08/2009 to 06/09/2009. What will climate change on the planet are gaining momentum climate change on our planet promise considerable problems in various regions of the globe. Sure, most from the effects of climate warming affected developing countries.

Assessing the potential impact these adverse climatic events such as strong year-old frying, drought and torrential rains on the economy of 16 developing countries, scientists have concluded that the greatest degree of natural disasters affected people Bangladesh, Mexico and Zambia. Extreme and unpredictable weather conditions have a negative impact on productivity in agriculture will lead to higher prices for basic foods, such as crops, and inflict a crushing blow to the financial position of poor families in developing countries. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, speaking in Geneva at the World Climate Conference, said that because of global warming and, in particular, melting of Arctic ice, by the end of this century, sea levels could rise by 2 meters. Thus, such major metropolises like Cairo, Shanghai, Tokyo and Amsterdam, could be completely flooded.

Alternative Energy

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According to rated in the top ten regions for the last period included the Belgorod Region, Autonomous District, Altai Republic, Altai Region, Novgorod Region, Vladimir Region, Kirov Region, the Republic of Tuva, and Kaluga area. Down in the ranking of the Novosibirsk Region, Amur Region, the Omsk region. The worst environmental rating has Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions. The European Parliament began to doubt the feasibility of using biofuels European deputies intend to limit the role of first generation biofuels (biodiesel, bioethanol) in the development program of renewable energy in favor of, in particular, wind, solar and hydrogen energy. Production of first generation biofuels currently stands at 15 million tons. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development announced this summer that the economic feasibility of eco-friendly fuel will be doubtful if to deprive him of public support enjoyed by the manufacturers.

For a long time it was considered less harmful to the environment than fuel derived from oil. Now, scientists doubt it. European Parliament concerned about high prices, first-generation biofuels, which are no longer considered safe for the environment, MPs have also expressed doubts about his economic viability. MEPs voted for the decline in use of biofuels. Thus, the proportion of ethanol coming on the transport sector of eu countries in 2020 was 5%. Earlier expected to increase use of biofuels to 10%. According to the un, the spread of biofuels is one of the reasons for the increase in food prices around the world, because forcing farmers to reduce area under food crops and to redistribute them in favor of fuel.