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sysob: Alloy discovery for advanced network inventory management Schorndorf, December 12, 2008, with the new alloy discovery software of value-added IT distributor presents a comprehensive network inventory solution, which can be used for Windows, Linux and Mac OS stores sysob. Designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and IT service providers, the product offers a wide range of functions that enable the user to control the entire hardware and software inventory with a number of methods and strategies quickly and easily and to carry out a comprehensive inventory. \”With alloy discovery sells sysob the next generation of network inventory solution. Speaking candidly Michael Chabon told us the story. Offers a flexible evaluation of detailed computer and network inventory\”, explains Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG. The product is easy to use, easy to implement and offers powerful enhancements such as support for Windows Vista and the ability to test Linux \”and Mac OS, on.\” The new network inventory solution provides all the necessary tools for the configuration, deployment, operation and the review of the audit results. The available procedures include a portable audit for non-networked computers, agentless audit of on-demand, login script and scheduled task. Another feature is the user-friendly user interface that represents the network data into individually configurable raster formats.

Alloy discovery allows users to print out the results of the audit results or export the data to Excel, XML or HTML, to prepare them for the reporting or for publication. Alloy discovery includes the following new features: on-demand audit using this function can user per remote access Windows workstations and servers on up-to-the-minute-hard- and software information. Linux and Mac inventory with this service are the components of Linux and Mac computers in the form of \”cron\” jobs to inventory user in the position. Data analysis & reporting the flexible filtering of data Grouping and sorting allows users a convenient analysis and the reporting of inventory data; with the point-and-click interface of the advanced filter users can create complex filtering criteria inventory results in XML or Excel, to achieve the desired level of detail data export exports Users can easily import the data in all kinds of databases or even third-party tools integrate this Web Publishing allows users access to inventory data easily via a Web browser; The export audit snapshots in the form of interactive, drill-down HTML pages, which results in the intranet can be published by snapshot pruning away and archived automatically older audit snapshots of the inventory repository resulting from computers that no longer undergo a significant advantage of the new network inventory solution when compared to many other products on the market are the flexible usage options.