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activagers ( is the first social network in Europe aimed at the mature generation. This interesting social network is already present in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Currently there is, a lot of social networks. But these are shaped mostly by users in school or university age. For this reason activagers has decided to focus on generation 40 +, to offer users of this age group a bouquet appropriate to meet in the Internet, taking into account their specific needs.

In activagers users may exchange interests with friends and acquaintances, as also may access the different options that the portal puts at your disposal, like for example, send and receive messages, chat, participate in online chats rooms and participate in discussion of current issues, interests, and other forums. By these means activagers allows users to freely exchange information on different topics such as: relationships, situations of couple, friendship, health, leisure, meals, holidays and others. For those who wish to share their tastes and experiences with other members, activagers offers the opportunity to do so creating blogs and publishing his songs, photos, and favorite albums. In addition to this, activagers offers a magazine called section where users have access to interesting articles in news, travel, culture, technology, health, among others. In the travel section members will soon have access to interesting offers and the possibility of creating custom holiday travel. It should be noted that this social network faces in its Spanish version, all Spanish-speaking users, i.e. Spain and Latin America. Activagers is a free social network created by VIVA49PLUS AG (Munich), an operator of content online for the mature generation.