Seventh Anniversary


With a well consolidated service of quality and, the 343 workers of the airport Gardens of the King, Coco Key, to the north of the province of Blind person of Avila, they celebrated the seventh anniversary of the creation of that installation, inaugurated the 26 of December of 2002. In that lapse the aerodrome has been in the preference of the travellers (it reaches 98% of acceptance at the moment), whose group has taken care of from its opening the movement of entrance or exit of more than two million of passengers, with time average of stay of only 17 minutes, guaranteed, by the automated control that allows agility in proceedings to the traveller. The Airport Gardens of the King, where it is combined comfort, high tech and professionalism, happens important strategy for the growth and development of the destiny Gardens of the King conformed by the keys the Coco and Guillermo. The airport Gardens of the King, in Coco Key has conditioned air in its halls delay, a control tower, area of parking of vehicles, services traditional, bank, stores, cafeterias, restaurants, day-care centers and a track of three positions of parking and standard extensions international (about 3 200 meters), that they admit the arrival of airplanes of great bearing. In the present winter season the Terminal receives about 30 flights weekly, coming from Canada, England and Argentina, among others, especially of the airlines Thomas Cook, (England), Air Transat, Air Canada and SunWing (Canada), Julia Tour (Argentina) and Cuban of Aviation. Minutes before landing in the aerial track the traveller it can observe unique landscapes, of unusual beauty and splendor a natural paradise within the tourist destiny Gardens of the King bathed by waters of the best quality and purity. It will contemplate in addition, beaches, coralline and abundant wooded vegetation, flamenco reefs pink, put or in the heat of flight.

The Terminal is located to about 10 km of the hotel network of Coco Key and approximately 30 km of the one of Key Guillermo. To small barren islands &quot can also be arrived by earth through the national network of highways and; pedrapln" constructed on the sea. The opinions of those who have visited the small barren island very positive and are described as true wonder: If you want to enjoy the nature in pure state, of virgin zones of the wild and paradisiac atmosphere, in Coco Key you will be able to dream of pretty it because it is a totally tourist site, but where first of all the nature has been respected; its constructions and maintained development goes directed to it Moved away of the bullicio of the great cities, enjoying of the rest and the tranquillity that the virgin only offers you, the pure thing. It is a destiny forced for all that one that wants to know the wonders this world and will be able to altogether see unique way and animal species and plants authenticity. From the Gardens of the King the holidaymakers to accede to other destinies, essentially with the Aerocaribean airline, in excursions to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Havana and itineraries combined with other Cuban tourist destinies. Hotels and car in Cuba Hotels and cars in Mexico Original author and source of the article.