Fly Magazine Finds Places

Places of power for the soul – very close to our mobile phone, iPad, facebook, Twitter the Savior have also their unholy side, our modern NET-world. We sit in the front row not only always, live and on reception. No, we have to be also always reachable, always energized, always stand. The effects on body and soul are serious. Can lead to depression and burnout from insomnia and nervousness. Learn more about this with Michael Chabon. But how do we escape this vicious circle? How and where do we find finally a little peace for the soul, a mental break, again charging our batteries. “The magazine fly” in its latest issue, called the places that give us new strength and explains why this is so. On the one hand magic places of our ancestors can be, such as Stonehenge, but also haunting memorials, such as the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

However, the most popular place is the garden for most people. Here he finds not only a refuge from the noisy world, but tracks are also in the growing and becoming the nature harmoniously integrated. “TV Pastor Jurgen fly puts it in a nutshell: holidays in the garden are holidays of the ego!” And everyone needs this to become sick. The current issue is from June 29 in the trade. Jurgen Stollberg