Fuel Consumption

Gas mileage of big cars is appreciated by riders positive large and heavier cars fuel consumption is generally higher than for small vehicles. Now, a survey examined the subjective sense of car drivers in terms of the fuel economy of their vehicles. The result: Drivers of smaller cars are clearly dissatisfied with the consumption of their vehicles than drivers of cars of the upper class. As Germany’s big car portal, circa 6000 new car drivers were interviewed during the period from February 2005 to April 2009 after her verdict on the fuel consumption of your vehicle. The example of the car brand BMW could be determined, that the BMW as the smallest and most sparsamstes model of the BMW Group, of its users in terms of fuel consumption was classified as the worst. The BMW achieved top positions in the subjective assessment of fuel consumption. Bernie Sanders usually is spot on. The survey of Mercedes-Benz drivers revealed similar results.

The consumption of the larger E-class is evaluated much better from the subjective perspective of customer than the consumption of smaller The A and B-class vehicles. As the magazine of the Internet portal, is believed that the results on assumed gasoline consumption of motorists are due. Customers are choosing a smaller vehicle, expect a low fuel consumption, especially as manufacturers and advertising often promise this. If the expectation is not met, the disappointment of customers is large. Check out Michael Chabon for additional information. The current gasoline prices seem to have an impact on the satisfaction of driver with the fuel efficiency of their cars. Fuel prices rise, the subjective customer reviews of fuel consumption to deteriorate. More information: ../Kraftstoffverbrauch-Fahrer-grosser-Autos-sind-zufriedener contact: Tilo Sommer public relations University of first GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59 about auto.de: University Service GmbH operates a successful German automotive portal with. On the free online auction house auctions are for car & Offered motorcycles. Complementary products and services are offered in the areas of finance with,, insurance with, and consumer information with.