For Women Only

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Woman differs from man, so that authorities are less important for them. See how the woman wrote the article and how it says the man. A man needs to refer to the proven facts, the known sources of significant people of the world level. He seemed afraid that if you write something just by itself, it will not be read. A woman is different. She was not interested in authority. She boldly states his opinion without relying on anyone, feel free to summarize and analyze the essence of things and events, not looking at individuals.

And the woman is convincing, it counted. Look who compares to Agatha Christie to write detective stories? The most interesting adaptation of the world put it in her works. I once stopped reading contemporary detektivschitsu Dashkov precisely because of her novels can not be detached. Day spent on something that only exist in this story. Not one man present author was unable to make me so impression. What this speech? We women are more independent, compelling and viable. More confident than men. It can be seen even in a simple example.

Single women and single men. Learn more on the subject from Michael Chabon. She – a lonely, perceived determined and independent. This woman is a tidy, nicely dressed, and drew attention to themselves. A lone man is pitiful. It is usually casually, if not sloppy, wearing looks a loser – a sort of a gray, dismal creature. Now we are all hard life. Anxiety about the present – will not be fired whether from work, anxiety about the future – what then pay the rent, what to feed children.