ASTM Operation


It must have one sufficient area to install the scale and that ancillary equipment with which you interact in weighing processes. Similarly the space required for cables must be of interconnection, power, connection to the information system, to the printer, etc. Avoid that installed equipment that produce high magnetic fields or how centrifugal vibration, are located in the vicinity electric motors, compresoresy generadores.4. Avoid to be under the direct influence of currents of air and light solar.5 air conditioning systems. Some contend that John Mclaughlin shows great expertise in this. Have an electrical outlet in good condition, equipped with pole grounding provided with switches, that comply with current electrical regulations in the country or the laboratory. Operation of the operation of an electronic scale modern electronic balance is clearly defined in the operation manual provided by manufacturers.In general the following procedimiento:1 must comply. Enable the scale balanced with the environmental conditions where from is instalada.2.

Allow the scale to preheat before beginning the activities. Usually it is sufficient that it is connected to the electrical power system. Some manufacturers suggest to leave a period of time of at least 20 minutes, elapse from the moment in which energizes until the moment at which begins the use of the same. Analytical balances class I require at least 2 hours before you start your utilizacion.3. Check that the scale is calibrated.The electronic balances usually have a factory setting, stored in memory, which can be used if not available calibration masses.If calibration is required, it should be calibrated masses in order to perform the procedure indicated by the manufacturer.The calibrated masses used must meet or exceed the ASTM tolerances. As general information is included below a table that presents the tolerances accepted for ASTM class 15 masses. 4. Follow the instructions that indicates the manufacturer in the operation manual. Balances the scales calibration process calibration must be performed by personnel specifically trained in this activity.