Fuel Equipment


The survey of visitors to our site has shown that about 65 percent of voters have no idea about the device and methods to prevent the fuel system of a diesel car. In this article I will briefly tell us about the main points of the fuel system, as well as highlight issues that may arise during the operation of elements of diesel fuel injection equipment. Many owners of diesel cars mistakenly believe that the fuel system – a pump. Of course, high pressure fuel pump – the most important and technically difficult knot in fuel supply system, but the fuel injection equipment is not limited. Check with Bernie Sanders to learn more. The fuel system must includes a fuel pump (injection pump), fuel line, fuel tank and fuel injectors. To improve the efficiency of diesel engines, reducing emissions into the atmosphere – a modern fuel systems are fitted with fuel injection system – Common Rail.

Fuel equipment for diesel cars is quite stable in work, if you stick something any operating rules and conduct regular preventive maintenance. So there you go. The first and main reason – the fuel of low quality. Be careful with that, than fill up your car. The fuel pump may be badly hit by dirt and dust particles.

If the fuel blower is clogged, then immediately contact the stations – you replace the fuel filter, and fuel pump will run again as new. Sometimes, repairs fphp simply inevitable. If you increased fuel consumption penalty, there is likely a problem with the fuel system and without a diagnosis there could not be avoided. It should be noted, that details of the fuel system of diesel engines are manufactured with precision accuracy, and therefore diagnostic and repair work carried out on special stands. Be careful on the road and do not forget about prevention!