Convert Oil

The municipality of Torre Pacheco has launched an environmental project aimed at collecting the cooking oil used for further processing into biodiesel, which makes this population the first in the Region to promote a service for recycling of this waste. The director general of environmental quality, Antonio Alvarado, and the Mayor of Torre Pacheco, Daniel Garcia, yesterday presented the project biodiesel, which includes the ‘Cooking for biodiesel oils recycling’ campaign in the Town Hall of this locality. The regional Government reported that this campaign aims to inform the final destination of this waste, which is the fuel with a biodegradable for diesel engines, thus encouraging citizens to work with the Administration and production managers authorized recycling tasks. This campaign is promoted by the municipality of Torre Pacheco and funded jointly by the Ministry of industry and environment. According to sources, at present there is no service of collected household cooking oil used since the only option for recycling is to deposit it in the ecoparks. In fact, far from the hustle there specific containers to deposit such waste oily, very harmful for the environment in case of uncontrolled landfill. Moreover, the dumping of this waste in plumbing favors obstructions and more expensive the process of purification of sewage in wastewater, while if it throws away in closed jars helps to pollute the Earth and increase the risk of explosions in landfill sites where they are transferred.

Torre Pacheco becomes the first municipality of the Region that drives a pickup used oil domestic service. For its part, the company Reagra (recycling of oils and fats) is responsible for managing oil poured into the seven collection stations installed by the City Council at its urban core and moves for subsequent recycling, which is responsible for one of the three companies in treatment that exist in Spain, property of the company Bionet Europe, which is a leader in the production of biodiesel from used cooking oil. Residents can also take oil used at the Ecopark, located on the outskirts of the village, and soon the future waste management center, located in Roldan, whose works are very advanced. The total budget for the project is more than 20,000 euros, of which the directorate-general for environmental quality will bring 10.440 euros. Original author and source of the article